Improve the Charm of Your Bungalows with Modern Glass Solutions

Toughened glass staircase

Bungalows are big, open spaces that are set apart by their luxurious designs and impressive styles.

Interiors designers and architects here, seek to accommodate a variety of functional benefits that enhance interior comfort while also ensuring the interiors look impressive.

With traditional materials like plywood or concrete, achieving a combination of the two was just not possible. However, with the evolution of modern glass solutions, bungalows can exude elegance while ensuring internal safety and occupant’s comfort.

Some of the innovative and stylish ways in which glass solutions can be adapted to the modern home include:

Glass staircase

glass staircase designs

A true testament to the strength and resilience of modern glass is its ability to now replace concrete staircases. With unique glass staircase designs, residents can transform their interiors drastically and set themselves apart from their peers.

Further, unlike traditional staircases that left dark corners in the hollow spaces or got faded and stained with time, glass solutions keep your interiors bright and new for years to come.

The reflective nature of this material makes the space look open, bright and impressive from the get-go. Also, as the glass used here is highly strengthened, one doesn’t need to worry about wood splinters or sharp metal corners, enhancing safety.

Adding a glass stairs railing can further elevate the décor and give your bungalow a modern look. In addition, the railing and staircase can be customised with numerous patterns, designs and even hints of colour to personality and style to the space.

Certain textured glass solutions like crackled, frosted and etched glass work wonders to make your staircase a style statement in itself.

Skylight glass

Bring the new feel to your home

The expansive area covered by a bungalow can take a toll on several temperature and lighting gadgets. In order to cool the entire area, one needs to rely on multiple air conditioners running constantly, while also placing lights every few steps.

This can turn out to be quite an expensive proposition while also draining the economy’s resources.

Instead with a stunning skylight glass fitted in the central area or living room of the bungalow, residents can enjoy naturally comfortable and bright interiors.

This toughened glass solution on the ceiling, opens up the bungalow to the natural beauty and light of the sky.

However, as it is fitted with energy efficient glass, it reflects the heat waves to prevent hem from permeating through, thereby keeping the interiors naturally cooler.

Also, a tint coating on this glass can keep the harsh glare of the sun at bay and optimise the amount of light entering the space.

With the addition of a skylight, one can enjoy premium aesthetics and impressive interiors while also keeping the residents cool and comfortable naturally.

Internal partitions and facades

Concrete, wooden or metal partitions can greatly take away from the interior aesthetics and décor of any space, yet, traditionally, these were commonly used across rooms and common areas for privacy, safety and several reasons.

However, modern glass, now combines all these factors aesthetically in a single solution.

With toughened and laminated glass solutions that are extremely durable and stylish, residents can opt to replace their boring concrete walls and wooden door with glass.

These can be customised to offer privacy, enhance durability or even add a pop of colour to elevate the décor. Further, this sturdy solution can also be sued across the façade to offer an impressive look from the first glance.

Glass solutions used in the exteriors of a space are highly durable and can be customised to offer residents thermal and acoustic comfort along with impenetrable security for a complete solution.

Glass balcony

Another innovative solution for bungalows is glass balconies. As this area is constantly exposed to environmental elements, keeping it clean can be a major hassle.

Further, over time they appear dirty and dingy affecting the entire look.

With a glass balcony, maintenance becomes extremely easy while also opening up your space to a brighter and stunning area.

This also increases the utilisation of space and turns the balcony into an extension of the room.

Thus, with modern glass solutions, bungalows no longer need to rely on out-dated materials to design their space.

Instead, they can opt for stylish and customised solutions that add impressive style and elegance to their space.

For more information, please contact a reputed glass supplier near you.



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