Innovative Design Ideas for Your Balcony

Balconies are often the spaces that are left ignored or considered the extra area of the room. Over time they are covered with drapes or blinds as they accumulate dirt and dust and can be quite difficult to clean.

Traditional materials used to construct the balconies like stone or metal tend to rust, corrode or fade with time giving the area an out-dated look. Further, as this place is largely underutilised, it leads to an enormous wastage of space.

With modern solutions and innovative glass designs for balconies, however, one can transform the aesthetic wonder and utility of this space.

When constructed correctly, balconies can emerge as useful and stylish extensions of the room, while enhancing the natural brightness of the space.

This can help elevate the overall décor as well as give the room a spacious and modern vibe. Some of the innovative ways in which individuals can transform their balconies with glass, be it in a residential or commercial setting, include:

Glass Balustrade

Adding the elegance and reflective brilliance of a glass balustrade along your balcony can transform it into a bright and aesthetic space. Unlike solid materials like stone or concrete, this balustrade does not distort your view or turn dull with sun exposure.

Additionally, with the use of frosted glass, one can continue to maintain their privacy without compromising on aesthetics.

A glass balustrade is also extremely easy to clean and maintain ensuring that your balcony does not need to be hidden behind drapes.

French Doors

Glass provides natural lighting

The stunning wonder of French glass doors in your balcony can enhance the charm and brightness of the entire room.

This solution gives your space a more open and bigger look while also allowing one to take advantage of natural light and view.

For those worried about excess heat or privacy, the use of heat resistant glass with a layer of tint can aesthetically counter these two concerns.

This innovative glass reflects the heat waves thereby keeping your space naturally cool and comfortable. French glass doors can be adopted in homes, villas, restaurants and even hotels to ensure maximum utilisation of space in a fashionable manner.

Spider Glass Balconies

Glass spider fitting, fasteners and spider brackets

Often times establishments seek to take in the balcony as part of the room, but do not want to brick up the area or lose the view. In such cases, a glass spider fitting works perfectly.

A frameless solution, this fitting makes use of extremely tough and resilient glasses that are fitted together with stainless steel nuts and bolts for ultimate safety.

In spaces like offices and malls that require an abundance of light and space with maximum security, these solutions along the balconies work wonders.

An increasing number of healthcare facilities can also be seen adopting these solutions.

Based on the type of glass used, one can opt for thermal and acoustic insulation, privacy, safety and even security, thereby combining multiple benefits in a single solution.

Elegant and colourful balcony designs

For individuals and establishments looking to glamourize their space, modern glass solutions in the balcony can do wonders.

The addition of stained glass solutions to the balustrade can add colour, style and privacy to the space, further, with the natural backdrop of light, the colours in this solution can come alive and elevate the décor of the entire room.

In hotels, adding the elegance and charm of stained glass to the balcony can go a long way in impressing the guests and enhancing business.

In addition, one can also opt for coloured laminated glass solutions in a variety of shades. This type of glass offers the maximum security and is extremely resilient adding to the guests’ safety.

With modern glass solutions, stylish aesthetics are not limited to the interiors of a space but the exteriors as well.

Further, glass is extremely easy to clean and maintain ensuring that even in a tough spot like a balcony, the hassle of cleaning is minimised. Simple routine cleaning can keep this area looking new and sparkling for years to come.

For more information about these trendy glass designs and how they can be customised to enhance your space, please get in touch with a leading glass manufacturer in your city.


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