Why Heat Efficient Windows Are Recommended In Residential Apartments?

Overheated interiors during the summer months are a bane for everyone. While people look for any excuse to avoid stepping out under the summer sun, the soaring temperatures in the interiors can be unbearable as well.

This also leads to an increase in dependence on artificial temperature control like air conditioners and coolers to keep the interiors comfortable.

However, not only do these solutions damage the environment and drain the economy’s resources, they can also deplete one’s savings speedily.

Instead, with technological advances in the field of architecture and design resulting in energy efficient glass solutions, one can enjoy thermal comfort in their interiors naturally.

This innovative solution reflects the heat waves and prevents them from permeating your interiors. When installed in doors or windows of residence apartments, this glass can keep all unwanted heat at bay while brightening up the interiors with natural light.

Along with the near infrared rays that are responsible for heating up the area, this glass solution also keeps the harmful ultraviolet radiation outside.

UV rays are a leading cause of skin ailments and can be a nightmare for people with sensitive skin.

Even the amount of radiation coming through the window is enough to cause sunburn, rashes, and skin irritation. However, with energy efficient glass on your windows, the harmful impact of the sun rays is no longer a concern.

Along with keeping the interiors safe, these glasses also prevent the space from getting too warm. This reduces the need for artificial gadgets like air conditioners and their usage.

Further, even when used, these gadgets can be turned off after a little while as the glass helps the space stay cool longer. With regular glass solutions, the instance the air conditioner was turned off, the room would start to warm up again.

This is not the case here thereby keeping your interiors naturally cool. The reduced usage of this appliance also decreases CO2 emissions in the air responsible for damaging the environment.

In a residence building, a façade of energy efficient glass not only gives the building an impressive look but keeps the entire space comfortable naturally.

The collective reduction in air conditioners and coolers used here can have huge environmental and economic benefits.

When it comes to window solutions, energy efficiency can also be enjoyed with the installation of a durable and strong double glazed window.

Unique blend of aesthetics and privacy

This solution consists of two or more glass sheets fixed together with sealants, separated by vacuum or gas filled. This acts like an insulator against excess sound and heat.

Further, the multiple glass sheets used in this single structure greatly add to its strength thereby also keeping your interiors safe. When encased in modern uPVC frames, the impact of this window is further enhanced and uPVC is also resilient against heat.

In addition, this frame is fusion welded to the wall and equipped with double seal mechanisms protecting the interiors from dust and pollution.

In typical frames like plywood or metal, there are tiny spaces or gaps left around the window frame that can let in heat, sound, dust and dirt.

With sturdy uPVC frames and a double glazed window solution, the interiors are impenetrable by any toxins thereby keeping the interiors completely devoid of toxins.

With toxic levels and air pollution crossing hazardous levels across cities, these factors have become an important consideration for every residence.

However, just keeping the heat outside isn’t enough. The harsh glare of the sun during the summer month can also make the interiors uncomfortable leading to heavy drapes and messy blinds in front of the windows.

Glass shower cubicles

With modern solutions, the windows can be customised to offer optimum light as well. With a tint coating on the glass window or façade, residents can enjoy ambient lighting that keeps their interiors bright and comfortable naturally.

Further, with natural shades of tint available in green, clear and blue, this addition also adds to the aesthetic charm of the interiors.

Thus, with modern glass windows, one no longer has to worry about uncomfortable temperatures or harmful radiation in their home.

For more information on these products and to keep your space cool naturally, please contact a leading glass manufacturer in your city.


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