Choosing the Right Frames for Your Windows

The wide range of innovative glass solutions has transformed the dynamics of windows and doors in interior spaces. Once plain and fragile solutions, modern glass now allows individuals to seek a variety of functional benefits from their glass solutions.

These can be thermal and acoustic comfort, privacy, safety, security and even unique aesthetics. Further, the toughness of modern glass also renders it for use in numerous applications such as windows, doors, partitions, facades etc.

However, often times the brilliance of modern glass is underutilised due to the frame used. Traditional materials like plywood or metal, while once an accepted solution, fall greatly when compared to the modern resilience of uPVC.

Over time, both plywood and metal would rust, corrode or rot affecting the fitting and compromising security. Further, they also took away from the aesthetics of the interiors.

Now, with uPVC doors and windows becoming the norm, individuals everywhere can enjoy a variety of benefits as discussed below.

Resistance against climatic changes

uPVC is one of the strongest materials that can sustain any environmental impact without damage. This material does not fade in the summer months or rust or corrode like metal in the rain.

Further, plywood also tends to contract and expand with weather changes affecting its fitting and security. With uPVC, the structure is completely resilient to climate change and can last for decades without any problems.

Anti-theft and burglar proof

soundproof windows india

Investing in modern security solutions like toughened or laminated glass has become a leading option for a lot of establishments.

With these glass solutions, individuals do not have to rely on steel bars and grills to secure their interiors, adding to the aesthetics.

However, if the frame is vulnerable or easily damaged like plywood or metal, the security won’t be complete.

With uPVC windows, however, one can enjoy complete peace of mind with enhanced security. Further, it comes equipped with strong handles and various locking systems to ensure complete security at all times.

Interior comfort with insulation properties

uPVC doors and windows in emerging areas like Gurgaon are gaining massive popularity due to their insulation properties. This material acts as a perfect barrier against heat and sound completing modern glass solutions, to keep your interiors comfortable.

With this window solution, individuals can enjoy a naturally comfortable temperature through the year as it prevents entry of heat waves during the summer, and limits loss of heat during winters.

Further, as uPVC is fusion welded to the wall and equipped with double sealed mechanisms, it leaves no gaps or spaces for unwanted elements like dust, dirt or pollution to filter through, keeping your interiors clean and protected at all times.

Stylish aesthetics for the modern décor

With uPVC frames, one no longer has to choose between style and durability. This innovative solution can be customised in a variety of shades and finishes to uplift every décor.

Soothing pastels or the classic ivory make for a lovely addition to the glass doors and windows.

For those that love the warm tones of wood but do not want the hassle of that material, uPVC frames can be finished in various wooden designs from light oak to deep mahogany.

Easy to clean and maintain

The hectic schedules of one’s life leave less time to clean and maintain every area constantly. As windows and doors are constantly in touch with the external environment, they are high prone to dust and dirt.

However, uPVC is dust resistant and does not allow dirt to settle on the frames, further, a simple swipe can have this window solution looking clean and new for years to come.

With plywood or metal, dust and dirt are a constant hassle requiring a significant amount of time to keep it clean.

Eco-friendly and sustainable

uPVC is completely natural and bio-degradable making it a must in this era of global warming and climate change. Further, as it is extremely durable, it requires less repair, maintenance or replacement work, consuming far less energy than its counterparts.

This, with modern glass and uPVC solutions, individuals can enjoy sustainable, beneficial and aesthetic solutions for their interiors. For more details on these innovative products, please contact a reputed glass and uPVC supplier in your city.


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