Glass Solutions That Are a Perfect Fit For Your Office Space

glass door designs

Gone are the days of solid enclosed cubicles where visibility and communication was limited. A majority of offices in current times feature an open plan design that maximizes space, communication, and enhances collaboration among teams.

Obviously, privacy takes a hit with such design. While an open plan style may foster communication and improve efficiency, it also inhibits privacy of employees as well as hampers confidential agendas.

Office of the old days sported cubicles that were box-like spaces designed for employees to perform their tasks efficiently and without distractions.

The focus was on productivity and an enclosed cubicle that blocked distractions was favoured. However, these honeycomb like cubicles pulled down the aesthetic appeal of the office and had a boring vibe to it thus making an office look and feel drab and dull. Who would like to work in an office that features such a dreary interior? No one.

The revolutionary open plan design brought in a clear and open design that offered team members easier ways to converse and perform in a conducive setting.

However, not everyone likes sacrificing their privacy, which is why some prefer having a cubicle but without the solid enclosure.

A solution to this effect lies with featuring glass cubicles that protect privacy as well as enhance the aesthetic appeal of the office.

A glass cubicle makes it easy for co-workers to check quickly with each other on statuses, progress, and updates of projects.

Compare it with the traditional cubicle where an employee would have to get out of his seat and go over to the other worker’s cubicle and return to his cubicle.

There is time lost in the traditional way while a glass cubicle ensures a timely and quick exchange with no time lost.

If privacy is a concern, lacquered glass can be installed for a cubicle to limit visibility and also maintain an acoustic balance in the office environment.

Lacquered glass is a coloured opaque glass that lends an elegant look to the office.

The opaque coloured panels infuse vibrancy and positivity in the office space thus making the environment a lively place to work in.

What’s more, it boosts productivity and efficiency by its sheer stylish visual appeal.

Offices can also go for Frosted glass to protect privacy and heighten interior decor. The magic of this glass lies in its ability to render the glass translucent thus blurring images and protecting privacy.

This also helps limit distractions for the worker at his cubicle as the worker can focus on his work without being disturbed by co-workers passing to and fro by his cubicle.

The best feature perhaps of using glass for partitions, cubicles, doors and windows in the office is that it lets natural light flow in while regulating the temperature within the office for a pleasant ambience.

This improves energy efficiency, thereby bringing down energy costs of a company. What’s more, several studies have found that people tend to be more productive and efficient when exposed to natural light during work hours.

Smart glass is useful for personal cabins

For important discussions and meetings, smart glass can be implemented in conference rooms, meeting rooms, and board rooms.

Smart glass is an intelligent glass solution that can be switched from translucent to transparent by just a touch of a button.

This flexibility ensures complete privacy when required. Featuring an interlayer, it also safeguards from any damages caused by any adverse incident. Smart glass easily covers privacy and security in one go.

Office interiors can further be enhanced by implementing textured, printed and etched glass solutions too. These can be applied not just for cubicles but also for board rooms, conference rooms, facades, and glass writing boards.

Offices can further enhance the interior decor with elegant glass door design for the office. Sliding glass doors, swing doors, and wooden-glass doors among others heighten the aesthetics of the office while preserving acoustic balance and privacy.

The versatility of glass means that lacquered, laminated, frosted, and tinted glass can be used for the doors for an enhanced appeal.

There is a range of glass door designs that can be implemented to beautify the office and make it a vibrant place to work in.

With the range of the above glass solutions, offices can transform from a dull, unproductive environment into one filled with lively buzz, powerful actions and high efficiency.


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