Enhance the Look of Your Floors with Glass


Modern glass is transforming the interior design world by rendering itself to multiple applications.

The reflective brilliance of this material greatly adds to the aesthetics and style of any interior space.

No longer limited to decor pieces, the durability of modern glass can be seen in interior partition, exterior facades, as a replacement to concrete walls, and several others.

However, among the most notable achievement of modern glass can be witnessed in the emergence of glass floorings in houses and commercial spaces.

This innovative and stylish solution can significantly enhance the interior décor of any space and set it miles ahead of its peers.

Often people look at stylistic décor solutions to elevate their interior design but tend to ignore their flooring. Now with durable and tough solutions for a glass flooring, one can literally stylise their space from the ground up.

Modern manufacturing processes have allowed for extremely durable and strong glass solutions that are a complete opposite of its earlier association with fragility.

Toughened glass in Delhi is produced by exposing a sheet of glass to extreme heat and then cooling it rapidly.

The internal change in the composition of the glass is completely changed after this process enhancing its strength and durability.

Toughened glass is over five times stronger than regular glass and does not break easily. In addition, in case of a massive attack, the glass does not break apart into large sharp shards but rather crumbles into tiny pebbles.

Thus, for interior partitions, windows and furniture uses, an increasing number of individuals can be seen shifting to toughened glass solutions.

Durable and strong glass solutions for stylish floorings

Image result for structural glass floor

When it comes to glass floorings, the strength of toughened glass solutions is further enhanced by the process of lamination.

In this case, two sheets of toughened glass are bonded together with a PVB interlayer rivalling any traditional material in terms of strength.

This innovative solution can sustain huge amounts of load and impact without any concern, just like traditional materials.

However, unlike materials like stone and marble, glass floorings does not start to look shabby or faded after installation.

This material is extremely easy to clean and maintain and can last for decades with just basic care. Further, the reflective charm of this material keeps your space looking bright and cheerful at all time.

A major advantage of glass over its traditional rivals is its versatility and flexibility. This modern solution can be customised in numerous ways for a truly unique looking solution.

Individuals can customise the glass flooring with various designs, patterns and even colour tints for a charming effect.

Further, glass can also be customised in numerous ways with lights under the flooring. Tiny colourful lights embedded under the floor can liven up any space instantly while also giving it a modern look.

For homes or commercial spaces with a walkway leading to their door, replacing the traditional walkways with glass can instantly class up your place from the first impression.

With lights under this glass walkways, the path can be lit up at night in a stunning manner impressing your guests from the get-go.

However, even though this solution is extremely durable and strong, certain care tips can help enhance the longevity of these floorings.

Try and plan where the heavy furniture will be fitted prior to installation and mention the same to the professional team.

Further, in case of lights installed under the glass flooring, be sure to operate them as advised and not leave them on for days at end that can lead to overheating.

A routine visit by a professional glass cleaning and maintenance crew will ensure that your glass flooring looks stunning for years to come while also checked and repaired timely in case of any damage.

Thus, whether you are looking for innovative solutions for a home or commercial space, modern glass has the answer.

A reputed glass supplier in your city can help you with all these concerns while also providing you with cutting-edge solutions and attest product designs.

Be sure to opt only for a professional company that provides you with a complete range of service from product selection, installation and fitting to after care maintenance for a pleasant experience


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