How Automated Glass Systems Make Life Easier

Technology is constantly evolving across industries and offering innovative and convenient solutions to enhance human comfort.

The field of architecture and design have also been revolutionised with technological advances. Aesthetics and functional solutions are no longer mutually exclusive with the advent of modern glass.

Be it stylistic décor, thermal and sound insulation or impenetrable security solutions, glass offers individuals a wide range of benefits.

However, technology hasn’t just evolved to offer sturdy solutions but also enhance the ease with which they can be operated and enjoyed.

Automated systems have become the new rage, transforming mundane constructional elements to efficient and practical solutions that add greatly to everyone’s convenience. Some of the leading automated glass systems include:

Vertical window blinds

Glass windows or partitions are aesthetic solutions that can help open up the space and make it look much bigger and brighter.

However, often one wants the openness of a clear glass solution along with options to enjoy privacy as and when needed.

Heavy drapes or a separate row of blinds in front of the windows may serve the purpose but greatly comprise on aesthetics. In addition, one has to manually close and open these solutions every time.

With automated vertical window blinds in glass, individuals can now enjoy privacy at the touch of a button in an aesthetic manner.

In order to offer complete solutions to individuals everywhere without the need for additional accessories, glass manufacturers have combined two essential solutions while also automating them.

In this solution, vertical blinds are included inside the glass window avoiding the clutter and tangled mess on the outside. Further, one can simply activate the blinds with the touch of a button adding to the ease and convenience.

Apart from residents, this innovative solution has been gaining rapid popularity in healthcare clinics for patient privacy during a doctor consultation, hospitals and office cabins.

Glass sliding door

With automated systems now touching every walk of life, even entry doors no longer need to be manned constantly by a guard.

Automated glass sliding doors are replacing boring old solid structures that compromised aesthetics and needed to be manually opened and closed every time.

In commercial places like malls or offices, this often resulted in the doors being left permanently open which greatly impacted the interior temperature, or required a guard to stand by for this service.

Now, however, with sensors attached to the glass sliding doors, one no longer needs to worry about these things. The glass doors automatically open when they sense someone approaching and otherwise stay closed to avoid the transfer of heat and pollution inside.

Further, a huge glass door at the entrance can keep the interior bright and cheerful while adding to the aesthetics of the space.

Also, with the advent of modern solutions like solar control glass that reflect heat waves while optimising light. One can enjoy cool and comfortable temperatures naturally.

Smart glass solutions

Another innovative solution that combines style and privacy in modern glass is smart glass.

This elegant solution removes the need for any blinds or curtains while allowing individuals to enjoy privacy as and when required.

Here, a seemingly transparent glass solution is fitted in the window, door or partition where required, and can be turned opaque at the click of a button.

This glass works wonders for the hospitality industry. Installing this glass solution on the expansive hotel room windows allows individuals to enjoy the view and brightness during the day while also ensuring their privacy at night.

Here, simply a click of a button can turn the transparent window into a stylistic foggy and opaque solution that blocks the view while still allowing for slight transmission of light.

This elegant solution is widely being accepted in places like hotels, villas and even the conference rooms for office cabins or doctor’s consultation rooms.

This, with modern automated systems made from glass, one can now enjoy premium aesthetics with enhanced comfort.

Further, glass being extremely versatile allows individuals to customise it in numerous ways for functional benefits and aesthetic décor solutions, adding to its allure.

For added information about these solutions and how they can add to the décor of your space, please contact a leading glass manufacturer in your city.


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