Why Retail Stores Should Rely Upon Glass Solutions for Security and Décor

The retail industry has grown by leaps and bounds with multiple showrooms emerging constantly.

Be it international or national brands, retail stores are constantly on the lookout for new and innovative products to attract customers and beat the competition. However, simply stocking a great product isn’t enough.

For customers to actually want to enter the store, the décor and aesthetic design of the store also needs to be appealing.

A store which appears dull or looks outdated isn’t going to attract customers even if it houses some of the best products. On the other hand, a wide and open structure which is well-lit is sure to garner a crowd.

People need to feel comfortable in a store to actually spend some time and purchase things. However, simply focussing on stunning aesthetics isn’t possible when it comes to stores in the retail sector.

Most of the products stored here are quite expensive making security a massive necessity.

This is one of the reasons why earlier stores were restricted to wooden, concrete or metal solutions that greatly compromised the interior décor.

However, now with modern glass revolutionising the architectural space, security and aesthetics are no longer mutually exclusive.

Attractive interiors with security glass

Modern glass is no longer a fragile and plain solution as it once was associated with. Instead, with technological advances allowing for modern manufacturing processes, it has emerged to be a sturdy and durable solution like any other.

When it comes to security solutions for retail stores, security glass solutions like laminated glass are a perfect solution.

Laminated glass is an innovative glass concept because of which the aesthetic appeal of appeal can be adapted to sturdy security solutions.

In this case, two or more glass sheets are permanently fused together with a PVB interlayer. The added layer of the glass makes it extremely strong and resilient.

Unlike regular glass where even slight impact would cause it to shatter, this glass can sustain a large amount of load and impact without damage.

In addition, this process also changes the breakage pattern. In case of severe impact that may damage the glass, it doesn’t break apart into sharp shards like regular glass.

Instead, the pieces remain stuck in place to the glass interlayer preventing any injury while also not compromising on the security of the products.

Not only does this glass not provide burglars an entryway to the store, it also enhances the safety by avoiding sharp shards. The toughness of this solution has also allowed interior designers and architects to make use of glass not just in windows and doors but in a variety of ways.

Retail stores can adopt laminated safety glass solutions on their display counters, cabinets and even as the front wall for their store.

The reflective brilliance of this solution combined with its security features allow retail stores to display their products to garner maximum visibility while keeping the burglars and thieves at bay.

Also, an entryway made of a huge glass opening gives the store a more open and inviting look while also keeping the interiors naturally bright and cheerful.

In addition, glass is extremely flexible and versatile, allowing store owners to customise the solutions to suit their décor. Adding a tinted interlayer between the glass sheets can add to the aesthetic appeal of the store while also optimising the amount of light filtering in.

further, one can opt for a variety of patterns or designs printed on the glass. These can be custom designs like company logos or bold designs that are extremely eye-catching.

When placed strategically, these patterns can also provide privacy to the people inside while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the space.

As an added benefit, laminated glass can also offer thermal and acoustic insulation offering the people inside improved comfort.

A store which offers a cool and peaceful environment with modern décor encourages people to visit and spend time comfortably increasing their chances of a purchase.

Thus, with modern glass, retail stores can enjoy durable and aesthetic solutions that also enhance the security of the products maintained.

For more details about this solution and how they can be customised for your store, please contact a leading glass manufacturer in your city.


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