Stained Glass Makes For Enchanting Hotel Balconies

The hotel industry is growing in leaps and bounds over the past few decades.

Whether it is an international 5-star chain or an emerging brand, hotels are constantly looking at trendy and innovative designs to attract more customers and make their stay a pleasant and memorable one.

The innovation in modern glass has allowed to revamp several architectural spaces like windows, doors, partitions and even table tops for an enhanced aesthetic appeal.

In addition to the aesthetic appeal, modern glass solutions offer acoustics, energy-efficient, privacy, and security solutions as well.

Typical concrete solutions can take away from the aesthetics of a room and create a bland and boring look. However with the increase in competition, hotels are now inclined towards modern glass solutions for visually stunning exteriors such as balconies.

They are willing to spend money and focused towards creating a captivating look, something that will capture one’s attention instantly.

With an exquisite glass balcony, hotels can enhance their overall décor and style instantaneously.

A glass balustrade or railing is not only aesthetically stunning but also offers the hotel a modern and trendy vibe. Made from toughened and laminated glass solutions, these railings are far more sturdy and resilient than regular glass.

Taking the concept of a glass balcony further is the evolution of stained glass balconies in Delhi.

The colourful and decorative glass solutions are no longer limited to doors and windows but can be used in several other ways.

Once associated mostly with churches, these glamorous solutions can transform the balcony into a magnificent space that differentiates it from its competitors.

There are several benefits of installing stained glass balconies in hotels. These include:

Aesthetically appealing:

Stained glass solutions can turn even the most basic room into a glamorous space. When used against the backdrop of natural light such as a balcony, the colours in this glass become even more vibrant enhancing its appeal. Further, when seen from the outside, these glass balconies can outshine all their competitors and attract a lot more patrons.

Customisable designs:

A major advantage with stained glass is that it can be customised in any design or colour theme based on one’s preference. These can be intricate designs or even abstract blocks of colour. Thus, hotels can use this solution across multiple spaces without being repetitive or boring.

Privacy with style:

A lot of hotels would opt for solid materials like stone or concrete for the balconies to offer their guests privacy. Stained glass applications in the balcony room can eliminate the need for blinds and shades. Therefore, with stained glass railings, one can achieve the same in a stylish and stunning manner.

Transmission of light:

With materials like stone or concrete, there is no transmission of light. This can make the corners of the balcony appear dull and dingy. However, with a stained glass balcony, light can seamlessly enter the space and make it look a lot brighter and attractive. Stained glass applications allow the entrance of light without hindering the privacy of guests.

Safety with resilient solutions:

For those concerned about safety with this solution, modern techniques have a solution for that too. Stained glass solution for balconies uses laminated techniques that are extremely sturdy and resilient against impact.


The look and feel of the balcony can be enhanced in many ways. For example, stained glass applications look beautiful when incorporated on skylights. The colours of a custom stained glass panel change according to the sun’s position. This offers a mesmerizing display of colours on the roof of the balcony.

Thus, along with revamping basic interiors, hotels can make use of their balconies to make a unique style statement. Positive colours and soothing themes can further enhance the experience of the guest and promote better relaxation. In addition, it also works as a great backdrop for family photos that can make for lifetime memories as well as add to the hotel’s marketing attraction.

For hotels, it is imperative to maintain brand loyalty and improve business. With stained glass balconies, one can offer stylish aesthetics along with modern solutions and make for a truly memorable stay. To know more about this solution and how it can revamp your hotel, kindly contact a reputed glass supplier in your city.


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