Brighten your home with optimum natural light and without the heat

The harsh summer months don’t just cause the temperatures outside to soar unbearably but can greatly affect the interior temperatures as well.

Individuals everywhere can be seen placing heavy drapes and other visually unappealing accessories to block the heat and glare from the windows.

However, not only do most of these solutions not work well, they also block out all the natural light and view giving the home interiors a dull and dingy look.

While regular glass windows fitted in a metal frame offered no resistance against the heat, modern glass solutions like heat resistant glass encased in a uPVC frame can keep your interiors cool and comfortable naturally.

In addition, without the thick drapes or messy blinds, the aesthetic appeal of the home also improves giving it an open and inviting look. Some of the benefits of energy efficient glass include:

Cooler interiors for superior comfort

Heat resistant glass prevents transfer of heat by reflecting the heat waves and preventing them entering your interiors. In this way, your home stays cool naturally during the intense summer months enhancing your comfort.

Further, it also helps keep the home warm in the winters by retaining the internal cosiness. This glass solution doesn’t just work for your windows but can be fitted in doors and windows as well.

Installing this glass in your patio or French doors can give your home a bright and impressive look while also keeping the interiors comfortable.

Protection from UV radiation

Exposure to UV radiation can be extremely harmful for one’s health and skin. These rays have been linked to several health conditions including cancer.

When stepping out of the house most people are careful about covering their skin with sunscreen. However, what a lot of people fail to realise is that UV radiation can also permeate your interiors through regular glass solutions.

By opting for energy efficient glass that blocks UV radiation, one can stay safe and protected in their home. Further, prolonged exposure to these rays has also been known to damage interior furnishings over time thus making this glass an important addition.

Naturally bright interiors

A dark and dull environment can be quite depressing to live in which often happens when curtains are constantly drawn in front of the windows.

With, energy efficient glass however, individuals do not need to concern themselves with these accessories and can open up their space to immense natural light that keeps their home bright and cheerful.

In addition, for residents concerned about the harsh glare of the sun, adding a slight tint to these glasses can optimise the light entering your interiors.

Premium aesthetics

Glass is amongst the most aesthetic material one can opt for. When fitted with a stylistic uPVC frame, the combination can turn from a basic construction element to an integral part of the décor.

Along with windows, individuals can even opt for a modern solution in the form of skylight glass for an impressive solution. This massive glass on the ceiling offers you a wonderful view and natural light without worrying about heat.

Further, it can make your space look much bigger adding to the appeal. Another area where this glass solution works wonders is in glass balconies or partitions between the balcony and room.

Sleek sliding doors fitted with this glass that open out to the balcony can keep your room well-lit and bright without the hassle of an overheated space.

Energy saving and eco-friendly

With glass naturally keeping your interiors cool and well-lit, the dependence on artificial lighting and temperature control decreases significantly.

Not only does this work wonders to protect the environment but can also save a substantial amount in energy savings. In addition, the reduced use of artificial gadgets also decreases the CO2 emissions and protects the environment, a must in this era of global warming.

Further, as glass is completely natural and recyclable it doesn’t tax the environment during manufacturing or disposal.

Thus, with this modern solution, residents can enjoy naturally bright interiors without having to compensate the temperature with an air conditioner.

For more details on this aesthetic and innovative solution and how it can be customised for your home, kindly contact the leading glass manufacturer in your city.


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