Reduce noise pollution and reclaim the tranquillity in your home

The hectic schedules and the daily hustle bustle of everyone’s lives rarely leave any time for individuals to just relax in peace and calm their self.

Finding a quiet and calm environment can be a real treat as being surrounded by constant noise through the day can leave a great deal of stress on anyone’s mind.

Earlier, the peace and quiet in one’s home was enough to unwind after a busy day or relax on a Sunday. However, with increase in development, especially in leading cities like Delhi, even one’s home isn’t free from external sound.

Noise pollution has become a concern for almost every locality dealing with either school, hospital, metro or some other sound. For people living in close proximity to one another, the renovation or construction sounds of one house can disrupt the entire neighbourhood.

Yet, as the population continues to grow and technology continues to advance, the situation is only going to worsen with time. Constant noise can also increase stress levels thereby impacting one’s health. But that doesn’t mean you cannot restrict the disruption in your home.

With modern solutions like soundproof glass, residents can now greatly reduce external sound and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of their home.

These specialised glass solutions can be customised based on your area and need to provide the perfect sound barrier for your space. The two primary solutions to soundproof windows for your home include:

Acoustic PVB Layers

In the form of laminated glass solutions with specialised PVB interlayers, this glass solution is a popular preference for home owners to reduce the noise pollution permeating their interiors.

The windows here consist of layers of glass bonded together with a PVB interlayer that acts as a barrier for sound transfer. This specialised PVB layer absorbs the sounds and prevents it from disrupting the peace of your interiors.

In addition, the layered glass solution also greatly adds to the safety and security of the home. Not only is it highly resilient and durable preventing breakage from regular impact but can also safeguard the home interiors.

In case of an attempted beak-in where a burglar may break the glass, the pieces do not come apart but remain stuck in place to the interlayer. This soundproof window solution can reduce the external noise by almost 60% keeping the home peaceful at all times.

Insulated Glass Units (IGUs)

Another soundproof window solution trending in Delhi is an insulated glass unit. Here two or more glass sheets are layered with some air trapped between them. This insulated air acts as a sound barrier thus keeping your home interiors free from excessive noise.

Depending on the amount of sound to be reduced multiple glass layers can be added, however, this also leads to wider window frames. An added benefit with this glass solution is that the trapped air also acts as a barrier against heat transfer thereby keeping your interiors cooler and more comfortable naturally.

Apart from windows, these soundproof glass solutions can also be used as doors and partitions in living rooms, study, bedrooms etc. Further, as glass is a completely versatile and flexible material, it can also be customised with various patterns and designs for a stylish and contemporary look.

Along with soundproof glass, the frame used for the window or door can also help reduce the noise pollution in your home. Residents can opt for either modern uPVC or classic wooden frames to secure the glass and reduce sound transfer.

Both the soundproof solutions can work wonders to keep your home interiors peaceful. However, for the perfect solution to suit your locality and requirements, it is best to consult a professional glass company.

An expert can inspect your home and suggest the right window solution to keep your home calm.

Also, a company that offers a gamut of services under one roof from inspection, product selection, installation to after care services can help individuals enjoy a hassle free and pleasant experience.

Thus, don’t let the external noise disrupt your inner peace and tranquillity. Simply contact the leading glass supplier in your city and transform your home into your personal peaceful oasis even while living in the midst of the bustling city.



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