You Can Rely On Toughened Glass Solutions for Your Safety

Aesthetic and innovative glass solutions work wonders to enhance the brightness and appeal of any space.

Yet due to the fragile nature of glass, a lot of individuals can be found hesitating in opting for this material.

Regular glass on the windows and doors can be easily broken into by burglars compromising your internal safety and security.

However, with the advent of modern techniques in the field of architecture and design, glass is now a force to be reckoned with.

Enhanced safety with toughened glass

Toughened glass is one such innovative solution that can greatly enhance the security of your interiors.

This type of glass is manufactured by exposing it to intense heat and then cooling it, adding to its strength.

Toughened glass is almost five times stronger than regular glass making it more resilient against break-ins.

When used in interior doors, toughened glass also adds to the safety of interiors.

Typically, glass tends to break into long sharp shards that can injure anyone close to it. With toughened glass, safety of the people in the indoors is also enhanced.

The manufacturing process that adds to its strength also changes the internal composition of the glass.

In case of high impact that may damage it, toughened glass does not break apart in long shards but crumbles into tiny blunt pieces that do not injure anyone.

When used in a laminated style, these windows can deter any thieves from entering your interiors allowing you to enjoy the stunning aesthetics of glass without worrying about fragility.

In such a fitting, two glass sheets of toughened glass are fused together with a plastic interlayer adding to its strength and durability.

Along with windows, this solution works wonders in spaces that have French patio doors for the entrance or even along the exterior façade.

Breaking into this glass is almost impossible due to its layered style structure.

In addition, in case of severe damage, the glass pieces do not come apart like regular glass but remain adhered to the plastic interlayer instead.

In this way, windows remain burglar proof as there is no hole or gap for thieves to enter from while also keeping the people indoors safe from glass breakage.

Décor and functional solutions with toughened glass

Toughened glass windows don’t just have to be plain sheets of glass but can be customised in numerous ways to offer several functional and stylistic benefits. Some of these include:

Heat and acoustic insulation: Toughened glass when used in a laminated style can offer a great amount of insulation from external heat and sound.

The plastic interlayer works to prevent transfer of heat and harmful radiation, thus keeping your interiors cool and comfortable naturally.

In addition, the layered glass system also helps reduce the amount of noise penetrating the interiors by almost 50-60 percent returning the calm and peace to your space.

Privacy: Toughened glass can also be sandblasted to give it a cloudy and obscure texture, adding to interior privacy and safety.

This type of glass prevents visibility while still allowing for some transmission of light.

Thus, individuals can enjoy bright and open spaces in the interiors without worrying about people outside being able to look at what they are doing.

Décor: A major reason for toughened glass becomes everyone’s favourite choice is its ability to be customised in numerous ways.

Printed designs, etchings, coloured solutions and more are possible with this glass.

Further, it can also be cut into any size or shape based on the structure it needs to be installed in.

Due its enhanced strength and resilience, toughened glass is being used in a variety of ways in the interiors as well.

Table tops, furniture doors, shelves and even partitions are now being made from this glass solution to add safety and style to the interiors.

No longer do people have to revert to traditional materials like wood or stone for safety but can now opt for glass.

Not only can modern glass rival any traditional material in terms of strength but can be customised in different ways to bring about improved aesthetics and style to the interiors.

For more details on this innovative and safe solution, kindly contact a leading glass supplier in your city.


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