New Technique of Glazing Creates Wonders for Office and Residences Alike

Comfortable interiors are of critical importance when designing an establishment, be it in an office or residence. Often individuals can be found compromising on aesthetical solutions in an attempt to keep their interiors more comfortable.

This is particularly true when talking about the intense heat permeating the interiors during the summer months.

Those spaces that do use glass solutions can be found covering them with messy blinds or heavy drapes to keep the heat and glare out. Not only does this give your space a cluttered look but also takes away the natural brightness and style of glass.

With modern glass used in innovative solutions however, now people can enjoy stylish interiors that offer comfortable solutions as well.

One such popular solution being used is double glazed windows. In this window solution, two glass sheets are used with a bit of air or vacuum between them, which creates an insulating solution.

This glass is then fitted into a wider frame to encompass the layers.

Advantages of double glazed windows


Double glazed glass solutions work wonders in reducing the amount of heat entering the interiors.

The space with the trapped air in between the glass sheets acts as an insulator that prevents accumulation of heat indoors. In addition, it also prevents loss of heat in the winters, keeping your interiors naturally warm and cosy.

Along with heat, the layered system in a double glazed unit also helps reduce external noise from entering your space. Opting for thicker glass sheets on either or both sides can further decrease the amount of sound entering your interiors.

Constant noise can disrupt one’s mental peace while also affecting the work in case of an office. This type of glass solution works perfectly to naturally ensure comfortable interiors more conducive to comfort and improved focus.

By naturally offering good insulation, double glazed windows can reduce the dependence on artificial cooling gadgets like air conditioners and coolers.

This is particularly important in large office buildings that are spread out over a huge space to fit all employees.

Not only are individuals able to save money with reduced usage of these gadgets but can also protect the environment by reducing the energy drain.

Apart from heat and sound, this type of window solution can also keep the unwanted ultraviolet and infrared radiation out.

For a lot of people, sitting near the window in the summers can be almost impossible because of the effect of the sunrays on the skin.

In some cases, prolonged exposure can also lead to severe skin problems. This glass solution takes care of all these concerns with one single window solution.

In addition, a double paned glass solution offers individuals far more security than a single glass solution.

For a thief or burglar to break in, they will have to work through two glass sheets which is a lot more work. In case, toughened or tempered glass is used, the window solution can be far more impenetrable.

Tempered glass is created by exposing regular glass to intense heat and then cooling it to strengthen it. This renders the glass almost five times stronger than regular glass.

Using toughened glass on either side of the glazed unit can enhance security to a great extent and protect your interiors from unwanted intruders.

Based on the level of insulation you are looking for, the space to be left between the glass sheets is determined. However, it is important to know that the wider the space, the wider will be the frame required for it as well.

Further, it can lead to increased possibilities of moisture settling between the glass sheets. A professional team can advise you on the perfect amount of space for optimal insulation and safety for your space.

They can also advise you on the right type of glass to enhance the comfort and benefit of you window solution. For instance, low-E or energy efficient glass solutions can work wonders to decrease the heat entering the interiors.

Thus, whether you are looking to revamp your home or office, double glazed window solutions are the way to go. For additional details on these solutions please contact a professional glass supplier in your city.


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