Laminated Glass Is a Perfect Solution for Security and Reducing Harmful UV Rays

Modern architecture has been shifting largely towards glass solutions for superior aesthetics and increased functionality.

Be it residential or commercial spaces, architects and designers all over can be seen using glass in unique ways to reflect their creativity and style.

However, along with great aesthetics, safety and security of the people inside is also a valid concern.

Innovative processes and technological advances in the design field have transformed glass from a simple and fragile material to one of great resilience and strength.

One such solution is laminated glass that can rival most traditional material in securing the interiors.

In this solution, two sheets of glass are permanently bonded together with a plastic interlayer between them.

The layering system adds to the strength and durability of glass making it the perfect option for any space.

Combined with the aesthetic brilliance of glass, this solution works wonders to elevate the design and look of any establishment.

Benefits of laminated glass

Secure and safe interiors:

The layered system used in laminated glass solutions works wonders to increase its durability and resilience against light load and impact.

In addition, regular glass can be quite injurious when it breaks as it tends to come apart in long sharp shards.

 With laminated glass, safety is taken care of as this glass is tough to damage and can withstand a lot of impact.

In addition, in case of severe damage that causes it to break, the glass pieces do not break apart but remain stuck in place to the interlayer.

In this manner there is no risk of injury for people inside at the same time it doesn’t offer any gap or space for intruders to enter, thus keeping the interiors secure.

Enhanced insulation:

A massive advantage gained from laminated glass in India is with its enhanced insulation properties.

The rising heat and sound levels all over the city have everyone looking for better solutions to add comfort to their interiors.

With laminated glass, one can enjoy naturally cooler and less noisy interiors.

The plastic interlayer between the glass sheets reflects the heat waves in the summer thus naturally keeping the interiors cool and comfortable.

In addition, it also blocks harmful UV and infrared radiation from entering your space.

An increasing number of research studies are finding links between these rays and health problems including eczema and skin cancer.

By installing this glass solution on the façade or windows, one can enjoy open spaces filled with natural light, without worrying about the harmful consequences of UV rays.

Further, the layered sheets of glass can greatly reduce the amount of sound filtering in making it an ideal architectural element for every city.

Customisable solutions for every space

Due to the added strength of the glass solution caused by the layered system, individuals can often use annealed or float glass for their windows.

Here, even if the glass is damaged by some accident, the sharp shards do not come apart in a way that can injure anyone.

However, for those looking to reinforce their glass solution with added strength can opt for tempered or toughened glass sheets as well.

This glass solution is almost five times stronger than regular glass making it a resilient force by itself and almost impenetrable when used in laminated glass solutions.

For the contemporary or creative individual, there are numerous ways in which this glass can be customised.

Adding a layer of tint in the plastic interlayer can offer a slight colour to the glass solution.

Additionally, one can even opt for a variety of designs and patterns to be embossed or etched on the glass before installation.

With this solution, one can enjoy customised and unique solutions with multiple benefits, all at the same time.

Along with windows, this glass solution is perfect for the external façade of the building.

Malls and retail showroom can attract a wider customer base with an aesthetically designed glass building while also offering them superior comfort in the interiors elongating their stay.

Thus, be it residences or commercial establishments, laminated glass has become the need of the hour. A reputed glass supplier in your locality can offer you additional details and unique customisable options for the same.


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