Innovative Window and Privacy Solutions for Hospitals

The healthcare industry has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years.

Technological advances in this space are not just reflected in the new surgical skills and diagnostic abilities, but even in their set-up.

Hospitals are now no longer limited to white walls and out-dated curtains as partitions, instead are clean and modern establishments that offer comfort and positivity to patients.

The emergence of innovative glass solutions has been a great factor in promoting development in this space.

Earlier glass was considered to be a fragile and transparent material, but is now a sturdy, resilient and functional solution.

Further this versatile material can be customised in numerous ways to offer privacy and enhanced comfort solutions as discussed below.

Discreet consultations with privacy solutions

A doctor’s consult is something extremely personal and not something individuals’ like shared with the rest of the waiting room.

Traditionally, most hospitals used wooden or metal doors to achieve this.

Not only did these solutions compromise the aesthetic nature of the establishment but also made the patient feel segregated and uncomfortable in a dull room.

To alleviate these concerns modern glass offers privacy solutions in numerous ways.

Smart glass:

This innovative solution works wonders for rooms where privacy is required on a need basis.

When deactivated, smart glass gives the impression of a transparent glass sheet that allows for complete transmission of light and open spaces.

However, a simple click of a button can transform it to an opaque glass that allows no visibility.

Though, it still retains slight transmission of light allowing for brighter interiors. This aesthetic solution works wonders on windows, doors and partitions.

Frosted glass:

For rooms and sections that need to be kept private at a constant basis, frosted glass works perfectly.

This obscure and cloudy glass does not allow outsiders to view what is happening inside the room but doesn’t alienate the section like solid materials either.

Frosted glass is a perfect addition for examination rooms, bathroom cubicles and even storage rooms that need to be kept out of view.

Glass with integrated blinds:

integrated glass blinds

A common sight witnessed in several doctors’ clinics in hospitals is a glass window or partition with drapes or blinds in front of it.

However, they often turn messy and give a cluttered look.

Further, they can accumulate large amounts of dust and dirt which can be quite unhygienic. Modernising this solution is glass with integrated blinds.

Here, the glass sheets integrate the blinds in them preventing dust and clutter. When required the blinds can be moved into position either manually or with a remote for complete privacy.

Comfortable interiors with insulation glass windows

Hospital windows, while essential for requirements of light, openness and in some cases ventilation, can also allow excess heat and sound to enter.

This can make the interiors quite uncomfortable for patients and visitors inside. With modern glass however one can enjoy comfortable and peaceful interiors without the other hassles.

Installing energy efficient glass n the windows can block all unwanted heat and radiation from entering the rooms.

Further, this glass can also be customised to minimise external sound levels greatly adding to the calm inside.

These solutions are especially critical for windows in recovery rooms as a patient here needs complete rest to recover.

With these glass solutions on the windows, the patient can be undisturbed and comfortable naturally enabling faster recovery.

In addition, encasing these solutions in uPVC doors and windows frames can revolutionise the hospital interiors.

Both glass and uPVC are completely natural and bio-degradable making them perfect solutions for this era.

upvc door and windows

Further, these materials can last for decades with simple maintenance and care leading the shift to sustainable and aesthetic architecture.

With growing focus on modern aesthetics in new and emerging hospitals, energy efficient glass solutions are also being used for the external façade of the building.

Not only does a glass building look extremely stylish, but with this solution can be naturally maintained at a cooler temperature thus also reducing the need for artificially cooling devices and adding to savings.

Further, modern glass is extremely easy to clean and low-maintenance. Nothing is worse for patients visiting a hospital to see spots on the floor or dirty unhygienic curtains used as partitions.

With glass, spills and germs are extremely easy to clean and maintain on a regular basis ensuring that your space is germ-free and hygienic at all times.

Thus, modern glass can offer hospitals several benefits in terms of privacy and comfort of patients while also enhancing aesthetics.


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