Stand out with Elegant Glass Solutions for Multi-Storied Bungalows

Bungalows are premier residential spaces designed to exude comfort and style. Individuals can be found selecting the trendiest décor materials to furnish their interiors.

However, what people often don’t realise is that to truly appear impressive, the bungalow requires equal attention in the exterior as well. Peeling paint or dirty walls at the façade can make the bungalow appear out-dated and drab no matter how impressive the interiors are.

With widespread innovations in the field of architecture and design, modern glass is steadily replacing traditional materials like concrete or wood.

This versatile material can be customised in numerous ways to enhance the interiors and exteriors as well. A glass façade can stylise your multi-storied bungalow while also creating a lasting impression from the first glimpse.

Glass Balconies

A balcony is an extension of your home that is often neglected. Traditional materials used here can not only alienate the space but also give a shabby look from the outside. Instead, adopting modern glass solutions to this space can transform your exteriors and interiors.

A stylish glass balcony design can add elegance to your space while also making use of that area. Opting for energy efficient glass solutions can prevent heat accumulation and UV radiation in the interiors. Further, the reflective brilliance and aesthetic appeal of glass instantly gives it a modern look from the outside as well.

For a truly unique and stylish look, individuals can also opt from a range of colours and designs for their glass balcony. Further, one can choose between transparent and opaque glass solutions based on their location and privacy requirements.

For those looking at an option between the two, a glass with integrated blinds that offers privacy on demand without the clutter and mess of extra blinds can also be opted for. Thus, not only does a glass balcony stylise your home but also add comfort to your interiors.

In addition, modern glass solutions used in balconies are highly safe and durable. Made from laminated and toughened glass solutions, these balconies are highly resilient to load and impact ensuring your safety at all times. They are also easier to maintain than regular balconies and can look fresh and new for years to come.

Glass Balustrade

A stylish glass balustrade along your balcony can instantly modernise your bungalow’s exteriors.

Typical concrete and stone balustrades not only block the view but start to fade and turn dull very soon after installation. With a glass balustrade, on the other hand, one can enjoy a stylish solution that also offers you an open view.

Additionally, this glass can be customised with numerous tints, designs and patterns to give your exterior that extra style.

French Doors

An increasing number of bungalows can be seen adding French doors or glass patio doors to their home. For those with a lawn, this also marks as a stylish walkway to the house.

Typical wooden doors here can take away from the overall aesthetics of your home. Instead, opting for glass doors can be visually stunning and extremely eye-catching from the first glimpse.

Individuals can customise this glass door in various ways to enhance privacy and safety of interiors while also improving the aesthetic quality of the exterior.

An intricate pattern etched on the glass can add an artistic touch t your place while also limiting view. Further, residents can also opt for coloured laminated glass available in a variety of shades.

As this glass is highly resilient, it also helps keeps the interiors secure against thefts and break-ins.

Thus, when designing your multi-storied bungalow, don’t forget to stylise your exteriors as well as your interiors. With modern glass solutions, individuals don’t have to worry about constant repair work or worry about the look turning shabby soon.

Instead, simple maintenance can help keep your glass solutions looking new and sparkly for several years.

In addition, when opting for a glass manufacturer, be sure to select a company that also offers glass cleaning services for windows and facades.

While cleaning the interiors solutions may be easy, thoroughly cleaning the façade solutions may be impossible. A professional team will have the correct knowledge and know-how required to maintain the glass solutions.

Further, they can also check for any slight damage that may need to be rectified timely.


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