Make Your Offices Energy Efficient With Innovative Range Of Glasses

An office is more than just a place to work or earn money. Here, individuals spend a large part of their day and the space needs to be designed in a manner that awards employees sufficient comfort to be productive.

Along with choosing the correct furniture and systems, management also need to ensure that the temperature and design of the office is motivating for employees.

The extreme climatic conditions in India can make this a tough proposition, especially in the summers.

Uncomfortable temperature in the interiors can affect the employee morale and productivity while also affecting one’s health.

To counter this, office spaces can constantly be seen relying on artificial gadgets like air conditioners and coolers which can be quite expensive.

With energy efficient glass, however, offices can now naturally achieve pleasant interiors.

Further, this aesthetically stunning material can be customised in various ways to also stylise and make your interiors more attractive and appealing.

Impressive facades with comfortable interiors


By opting for energy efficient glass solutions across the building façade, offices can offer a modern and impressive look while also protecting their interiors from excess heat.

In this solution, two glass sheets are fused together with a plastic interlayer between them.

The plastic interlayer is what prevents heat from permeating the interiors while also blocking out the harmful ultraviolet radiation.

Further, this combination of glass sheets with the interlayer works wonders to strengthen the glass and add to its durability.

This type of glass is not easy to damage or break and is resilient even against heavy impact. Also, a glass building can make a distinct impression for clients visiting.

By naturally limiting the accumulation of heat in the interiors, this glass solution can greatly enhance the comfort of employees.

Further, it helps reduce the dependence on artificial temperature control like air conditioners, adding to one’s savings. The space in an office can be huge and cooling that requires multiple air conditioners.

Apart from adding to the expenses it is also a massive drain on the economy’s resources. With this modern glass solution, offices can save on energy consumption while ensuring employee comfort.

Along with the heat, the harsh glare of the summer sun can also be quite uncomfortable. Instead of blocking the sunlight completely with curtains and drapes, one ca opt for a tinted coating on the glass façade.

This coating optimises the amount of light in the interiors thus brightening up the space and giving the office an open look.

Stunning interiors with modern glass

Aesthetic interiors in an office can not only be impressive for clients and business associates, but also boost the employee’s mood. With modern glass door designs for office, mundane and drab solutions can now be replaced with functional and stylish solutions.

Crackled glass for instance works wonders to offer a modern vibe without compromising on privacy.

Here, the glass looks like layers of cracked ice that allow for slight transmission of light but can also maintain privacy of the sections. Available in icy shades and different textures, crackled glass doors can enhance the interiors of any office.

Additionally one can even opt for patterned glass doors with customisable patterns for a unique look. Be it bold and trendy or artistically intricate, patterned glass doors can add elegance and style to the office interiors instantly.

For those looking to boost morale and energy with colour, there are several glass options like lacquered or stained glass. Individuals can opt for the colour theme or design that best suits their establishment for stylish and durable solution.

Most glass solutions for interiors are made from toughened glass that is almost five times stronger than regular glass.

Thus, it isn’t easy to damage like regular glass nor does it come apart in large sharp shards that can hurt someone. These innovative solutions offer style, comfort and safety for offices making them the perfect architectural material.

Also, its flexibility and versatility allows individuals to customise it in a variety of ways to offer various features while making a unique style statement.

A leading glass manufacturer in your city can help you with additional details regarding the perfect solutions for your office that add comfort and style seamlessly.


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