Why Interior Designers Should Opt For Modern Innovative Glass Solutions

Every space, be it residential or commercial, needs to be designed in a way that is unique to its inhabitants and usage.

 Not only does the space need to be comfortable but also be visually appealing and trendy while reflecting the personality of the owners. Achieving this for an interior designer with regular construction materials is no easy feat.

However, with the advent of innovative glass solutions, interior designers can unleash their creativity in numerous ways. Combining modern technology with the aesthetic brilliance of glass has transformed this element into a premier construction material.

By customising this solution in a variety of ways, interior designers can bring elegance, style, uniqueness and comfort to every space. Some of the popular modern glass solutions include:

Lacquered glass

This modern décor glass can elevate the interiors and add in a splash of colour to brighten up the space. Here, a sheet of coloured lacquer is fused with a glass sheet for a durable coloured glass solution.

Designers can opt from a range of shades, from sober hues to bold and bright colours to uplift the interiors.Along with stunning visual appeal, what also makes this lacquered glass solution a great fit for every space is its durability and resilience.

 Heat, humidity, spills and even light impact have no bearings on the look of this décor solution which can look good for several years after installation.

Using their creativity, designers can customise this solution for interior doors, windows, table tops, partitions, cabinet doors or even as shelves.

Smart glass

Traditionally, for spaces that required privacy, only solid materials like concrete or wood were considered suitable.However, with modern solutions like smart glass, designers can add style and privacy in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Here, a seemingly transparent glass can replace the mundane materials to open up the space and give it a brighter look. During times where privacy is required, a simple click of a button can transform this glass into an opaque solution blocking the view.

Thus, it allows individuals their privacy when required without compromised on the visual appeal.Interior designers can be found opting for this glass solution across several establishments such as bedrooms in residential, conference halls in offices or even particular sections in retail and healthcare.

Security glass

No matter what the space, safety and security is a key factor for every designer. Sturdy and reliable solutions have become the need of the hour to protect the interiors from unwanted break-ins.

Now, enhanced security can also be found with modern glass innovations.Laminated glass, also known as security glass, works wonders to deter thieves and burglars. This durable solution comprises of two sheets of glass fused together with a plastic interlayer.

The triple layer system not only adds to its strength and durability but also keeps the interiors secure.Breaking in through tis glass solution can take a lot of time and create a lot of noise which makes it less appealing to burglars.

In addition, if with added force the glass is damaged, it doesn’t shatter on the ground. Instead, the pieces stay stuck in the frame to the plastic interlayer preventing any gap for thieves to enter.

This also adds to the safety of individuals inside as they aren’t worried about injuries due to sharp shards. Interior designers can be witnessed installing this solution on most doors and windows for an aesthetically pleasing and secure solution.

An added benefit of laminated glass solution is also its insulation property. Heat and sound insulation can also be achieved with this triple layer system adding to the comfort of inhabitants.

The plastic interlayer prevents the transfer of heat thereby keeping the interiors naturally cool and comfortable, while the layered glass reduces the amount of sound filtering in.

Thus, with modern glass interior designers can opt for trendy décor solutions as well as ensure comfortable and secure interiors for inhabitants.This flexible material can also be customised with unique designs and patterns to reflect the personality of the inhabitant and bring in a unique element to every space.

A leading glass manufacturer in your city can provide you with more information and latest innovations that can help create innovative designs and trendy establishments.


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