Why Smog And Pollution Proof Solutions Are An Ideal Choice For High Rise Apartments?

Pollution is growing at an alarming pace across the country. Delhi’s pollution level is extremely high and unhealthy for the citizens.

The sheer amount of traffic, industrial pollutants, carbon emissions, concrete developments, and noise pollution is penetrating eve our households now making it dangerous to live in such conditions.

There is an increasing number of people falling ill due to being affected by pollution. A significant rise in lung ad breath cases have been reported by doctors.

Pollution is slowly affecting our daily lives. Whether you are on the ground level or at the top of a high rise building, pollution and smog will enter your work and living spaces

However, people living in high rise apartments face more smog and pollution as the air rises above. The toxic fumes and air enter the living space making it difficult to inhale fresh air and instead inhaling the toxic air that is harmful and dangerous for the body. There is a strong need to curb pollution from harming us.

While eco-friendly measures are a great way to tackle pollution, one can implement intelligent glass solutions to keep pollution and smog at bay from high rise apartments which seem to be worst affected.

There are several smart glass solutions that employ advanced technology and innovative approach to keep your home free from pollution and its harmful effects. These glass solutions are devised to establish a clean and safe atmosphere within the home.

Air Tight Windows

They key to prevent pollution from entering is to have air-tight windows. Window solutions that seal gaps help to prevent the outside polluted air from entering. A completely sealed window features premium gaskets and joints that are fusion welded to seal off any gap.

Once the window is completely sealed, pollution is left outside and is unable to enter the living space. Air tight windows are extremely beneficial for ensuring a home that is filled with pure, clean air with no harmful toxic pollutants inside. This enables better and healthy living for the residents of the home.

Double Glazed Windows

A popular glass solution that is implemented is Double glazed windows. The double glazed glass is a contemporary technology glass that works well for windows, skylights, and sliding doors.

This glass solution keeps heat and noise at bay delivering relief from them throughout the day. Laminated double glazed windows solution reduces noise levels further more for a peaceful environment indoors.

Multi-Lock Window System

Multi-lock window system is a promising solution that keeps pollution outside. Several points on a window are tightly secured and locked to prevent any air from leaking into the room.

This robust locking method ensures that the home is safeguarded from pollutants coming through gaps. This is best applied on windows as they are most susceptible to pollution leakage.

Silicone Sealants

If you’re looking for a solution that is quick, reliable, and effective, then Silicone Sealants are a great way to stop the home from being victim to pollution. This specialized adhesive is applied around the structure of your windows to cover all gaps and seal the windows from letting pollution in.

Upvc Windows and Frames

An all time favourite is the reliable uPvc windows. uPvc windows and frames are popular because of the variety of benefits it carries with itself.

Weather resistant, highly durable, economical solution, noise reduction, low maintenance and energy efficient are some of its top qualities that make it a winner in tackling issues like pollution.

A uPvc window or even a uPvc frame can drastically improve environment within the home through reducing noise, keeping dust and pollution outside, and regulating temperature within the home thus saving on energy costs.

There is an increasing rise in adopting this solution in cities with high pollution. uPvc windows in Chandigarh and other cities are on the steady rise to keep pollution out of the house.

More research is being undertaken to create better solutions to curb pollution from entering living and working spaces. Till then, we can ensure a healthy environment by doing our part for reducing pollution


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