Secure Your Living Rooms and Dining Space with Glass

When designing their home or personal space, individuals are free to choose the design and décor that they like best. Comfort and aesthetics both play an important role in a home.

Here, one can opt for the style that suits their personality the best. With modern glass emerging as a visually stunning and aesthetic material, most homes can be seen installing trendy glass windows and doors in their home.

However, along with aesthetics, residents also need to take ample care to secure their interiors space from break-ins. For a burglar, a window or patio door in the living room can be a perfect point of entry if not secured well.

But with modern glass solutions, individuals can enjoy superior aesthetics with complete security and safety.

Protecting your interiors and loved ones with glass

Glass on the windows and doors can make your home look quite charming and exquisite. However, with regular glass, not only are break-ins extremely easy for a burglar, but they can also be quite hazardous for your family in case of breakage.

The sharp shards in which a glass disintegrates can be quite injurious for anyone near the window or glass.

Now with modern glass solutions resulting in toughened safety glass, residents can enjoy aesthetic brilliance with safe interiors. This glass is manufactured by exposing it to extreme heat and then cooling it rapidly resulting in a much tougher and durable glass.

Toughened glass is almost five times stronger than regular glass while also being a lot more impact resistant. This glass does not break with mild impact and is even resilient against high winds making it a safer option for apartment buildings as well.

In addition, toughened glass does not break into long sharp shards in case of damage. This resilient glass instead crumbles into tiny round pieces that do not injure anyone, thus making it an ideal option in residences.

Not just windows, glass is now used extensively in interiors such as in the living room and dining room. Partitions, doors and décor additions such as glass table tops, cabinet doors and shelves can commonly be found in the living rooms.

Even dining rooms can be seen trading in regular wooden tables for aesthetically designed toughened glass tables. These tables can also be customised with etchings or coloured designs as required by the individual.

With toughened glass, residents can stylise their space without constantly worrying about the slightest impact leading to disastrous consequences.

Securing your home interiors from theft and burglary

Expansive windows or glass patio doors are becoming quite common in homes with a lawn or porch outside. These windows and doors in the living room can open up the space to natural view and sunlight. However, such entryways also have to be guarded against burglars and thieves.

Along with tempered glass for home windows, home owners on the ground floor can also opt for laminated glass solutions for added security. In this glass solution, two sheets of glass are fused together with a plastic interlayer.

In case of damage, the glass pieces do not come apart but stay stuck in place to the layer in between. In this way, not only is here a concern for sharp shards injuring anyone, but also there is no gap or space for thieves to enter. One can even opt for laminated glass doors and windows made by combining tempered glass solutions.

Securing the windows and doors with laminated solutions will give you the peace of mind you need to relax while also allowing you to style your interiors elegantly. Toughened safety glass can protect your loved ones from being hurt while laminated glass solutions are perfect to keep unwanted intruders at bay.

With these modern solutions, residents can enjoy the luxurious brilliance of glass in the interiors without worrying about dangerous consequences. For more information about these solutions and how you can customise them as per your choice, please contact a leading glass supplier in your city.

Be sure to choose a professional company with expertise in this field to ensure you have the latest and custom design options. Additionally, a qualified team will also be able to install these glasses correctly for maximum security.


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