How can you keep your home interiors safe with glass?

The innovative wonders of technology have led to glass becoming an integral part of every home. Not just as a décor material, but also for several functional benefits such as cooler and less noisy interiors. In addition, the aesthetic brilliance of this material is bar none.

However, when talking about a residence, comfort and safety are equally important. A lot of people hesitate in using glass solutions in their interiors due to concerns regarding safety. With cutting edge processing and manufacturing techniques, glass is now among the strongest and toughest materials used in construction. Thus, residents can enjoy stylish interiors with modern benefits and without being worried about safety.

Tempered safety glass

One such advancement can be found in the form of tempered safety glass or toughened glass. This type of glass is almost five times stronger than regular glass. In addition, unlike traditional glass, the manufacturing process changes its chemical properties affecting its breakage pattern.

Here, the glass doesn’t come apart or disintegrate into sharp shards. Instead, it crumbles into tiny and blunt pieces that do not injure anyone, thus, making it perfect for every home. In addition, this type of glass can be customised in numerous ways using colour and patterns allowing individuals to create a design that suits their personality and décor.

Replacing wood with modern glass door designs allows residents to add this stylish material even in their partitions and rooms. One can opt for patterned glass doors here with different patterns embossed in the door. Based on the design chosen, one can reflect their artistic and creative side while also choosing their level of privacy.

Similarly, a glass door with etching can greatly add to the glamour of one’s interiors. This stylish door can be customised based on an individual’s choice of design and can even be chosen in various colours. Intricate patterns or bold designs can be chosen based on the inhabitant’s personality and style.

Another modern glass solution for doors and partitions can be found in frosted glass. This obscure and clouded glass works wonders in areas where privacy is a concern. Here, the view from the outside is completely blocked while still allowing for some transference of light. Bathrooms and bedrooms are the ideal choice for this glass.

An added advantage with modern glass solutions is their strength and durability. Not only can they survive a lot more impact than regular glass but can also last for several years without losing their sparkle.

Once installed, home owners don’t need to spend money on regular repair as they are highly resilient. Further, wiping the glass down with a soft cloth is all it takes to keep it shiny and new for a long time. All these solutions are made in toughened glass ensuring modern style with safety.

Laminated glass for security and safety

Another modern marvel for increased safety and security is laminated glass. This glass is made by fusing two sheets of glass with a plastic layer. In case of severe damage, the glass pieces do not come apart but stay stuck to the interlayer in place.

When used in the interiors it can greatly add to resident safety. In addition, using this solution on the windows and balcony doors can prevent break-ins as it does not leave any gap for thieves to enter. A lot of homes these days are opting for expansive glass doors or French windows to open up their space and add to the view.

However, these solutions can also be an entry point for thieves. With laminated glass, one can relax knowing that their interiors are well protected while also enjoying the brightness and view outside. Further, these solutions can be customised in numerous styles, colours and patterns for a truly unique and stylish look.

Thus, modern glass has emerged from being simply a décor material to being a durable and safe solution for your home. This durable and resilient material can withstand high temperature, moisture, and constant impact without affecting its look.

In addition, it is extremely durable and can last for several years turning it into a great long term investment. With the addition of safety and security, it has become a must for every residence looking for stylish and safe options. A reputed glass manufacturer can provide you with more details on these solutions.


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