Enhance the Privacy of Your Clinic with Smart Glass Solutions

A clinic that has a hospitable, peaceful, and private environment gains the trust and respect of patients. You too can establish a private environment in the clinic with smart glass solutions.

In the past, patients would travel great distances to hospitals for consultation. However, with doctors setting up their private clinics in the vicinity, patients find it easier and more convenient to visit clinics for simple and non-threatening illnesses than go the entire distance to a hospital.

Patients do not like to be kept waiting for long periods of time and clinics are quick in their approach to attending to patients. A clinic also curbs the endless administration procedures of filling in application forms, submitting them, making the payment in a different department, getting a receipt, waiting for a token number and other hassles for patients. The number of patients that come to a clinic is at a comfortable size that does not lead to waiting in lengthy queues for one’s turn. While all these factors are in favour of clinics, one must take into account the privacy needs of patients.

Patients communicate intimate and personal details to the doctor in full confidentiality. A clinic is expected to preserve the confidentiality and privacy of a patient at all times. Patients waiting in line should not be audience to the private discussion between patient and doctor.

If the clinic has a small laboratory or test center attached, they too must safeguard the privacy of a patient. It is of utmost importance that a patient feels at ease and comfort when at the clinic. A clinic that establishes safety and privacy for its patients makes patients feel protected and comfortable.

How does one then establish a private and comfortable environment in the clinic for its patients? The answer lies with glass solutions.

Go Intelligent

There are a number of intelligent glass solutions that change from transparent to translucent at the mere touch of a button. This glass is ideal for a doctors cabin who may need to check how many patients are waiting, and then switch to translucent when a patient is before him. This glass solution provides instant privacy through a manual control that the doctor can use whenever required. An intelligent glass solution can be implemented for a doctor’s cabin as well as laboratories and X-ray rooms, and other privacy sensitive zones of the clinic.

Smart Glass Windows For Privacy

Besides the above, smart glass windows with integrated blinds is equally effective in maintaining privacy in a clinic. Instead of the traditional blinds that are separate from the window, leave gaps in between, difficult to clean, and can be seen through at times, the smart glass windows with integrated blinds covers the window via an instant click of a button to safeguard the privacy of a patient.

They are also extremely easy to maintain as they remain 100% dust proof, thus maintaining a hygienic environment too in the clinic! This smart glass solution can be used for the entire clinic as it provides functionality along with enhancing the aesthetics of the clinic. You can select a style that best suits your brand and interior decor. Vertical window blinds are apt for sliding doors and wide windows. They also, no doubt elevate the interior style of the clinic with the straight lines making a statement.

Control Film Controls the View

In order to restrict visibility even more, you can opt for a control film window that limits visibility into the room to a high degree. The film offers complete privacy for patients to freely discuss their medical issues with the doctor. A filmed window also adds to the interior decor.

It is a good option to implement at the entrance of the clinic, the doctor’s cabin, and the patient’s room. This glass solution instantly emphasizes holistic privacy to the patients. Patients feel more relaxed and at ease when they notice that their privacy is important and is being safeguarded.

Other glass solutions that offer privacy, eco-friendliness, economical value, and versatility are laminated, frosted, printed, patterned, and textured glass among others. A laminated glass reduces sound levels and is a good solution for lowering acoustics within a clinic. These glass solutions provide not just privacy but also style to the clinic.

They contribute to set a hospitable, energy efficient, and private environment in the clinic where a patient feels at simple ease. You could consult any leading glass manufacturer to know and understand what glass solution would suit your clinic.


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