Stylish Interiors for Malls and Retail Outlets With Glass

Malls and retail outlets can be seen partnering with high-end designers and international brands to attract more customers. However, along with the merchandise, malls and retail stores also have to look appealing for customers to want to enter.

Massive advances in glass solutions have led to this aesthetic material becoming the premier choice for the retail sector.

The versatility of glass renders it adaptable to various solutions providing numerous functional benefits. In addition, its reflective nature can uplift the aesthetics of any interior adding to its appeal.

By opting for glass solutions, mall and retail owners can revamp their stores into modern outlets that are more attractive for everyone.

Impressive facades with glass

Earlier, with traditional materials like concrete, malls and retail stores could only try and enhance their interior appeal. The exterior façade of all buildings looked the same.

However, with innovative and modern glass solutions, the retail sector can create an impressive look right from the first glimpse of its exteriors.

One such way to accomplish this is with spider glazing. This stunning aesthetic solution applied in the façade of the building can modernise its look while also providing sound structural support to the building.

In this solution, toughened glass is used in the exterior which are secured with stainless steel fixings designed to absorb a vast range impact.

Not only does a glass building or store look impressive but also opens up the interiors and makes it look more expansive. Additionally, with glass, the retail sector has the advantage of customising it to add several more benefits.

One major benefit of modern glass energy efficient glass windows is that it helps maintain a comfortable temperature in the interiors. People visiting the mall or retail outlet need to be comfortable to browse the merchandise and pick a product.The more comfortable they are, the longer they will spend in the store and are more likely to purchase something.

However, regular glass acts as no barrier to heat, allowing the interiors to be as hot as the exteriors. With energy efficient glass on the other hand, interiors are naturally comfortable as this glass solution reflects heat waves.

For malls this is extremely beneficial as relying constancy on artificial temperature control can prove to be quite costly in the long run. But with modern glass solution, this feature can be achieved stylishly and economically.

Additionally, during summers, the harsh glare of the sun can be quite uncomfortable. Adding a tint coat to this glass can help take care of that concern while also adding stylish aesthetics.

In this way, the mall or retail store interiors are able to provide customers with an expansive view and ample natural light stylistically without worrying about the heat or glare. Further, as an added benefit, it also helps save on the electricity bills in the long run.

Exquisite and eye-catching interiors with stained glass

Modern glass solutions can also be customised in numerous ways to add glamour and style to the interiors. For malls looking to brighten up their interiors, using stained glass solutions on the doors or windows can be a perfect fit. Here, individuals can choose the colour theme, pattern, design or style they like, for their showroom.

With a backdrop of natural light, the colours in this exquisite glass solution come to life and also enhance your décor. Malls and showrooms can use this durable and fashionable solution on windows or even ceilings for an impressive décor.

A leading concern for people when installing glass solutions tends to be the safety and security of the interiors. Malls and retail stores have a lot of expensive merchandise that needs to be secured at all times. With glass mostly being considered a fragile element, it often poses as a security concern for owners.

However, modern glass solutions are processes and treated in a way that renders them quite strong and resilient. This type of glass solution works perfectly for the interiors as it doesn’t break easily, and if at all it does, it doesn’t come apart in long sharp shards that can hurt someone.

With competition intensifying in the retail sector, opting for trendy and modern solutions have become an important consideration to attract more customers. For more details on how glass solutions can increase footfall while securing your interiors, please contact a leading glass manufacturer in your city


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