How toughened and acoustic glass solutions are changing modern lifestyle

With an increase in spendable income and technological advances in architectural design, home décor has witnessed a massive change in the recent years. Earlier, designers would have to resort to a few chosen materials for décor, with style and functionality being added with furnishings. However, modern glass solutions have enabled one to combine these features aesthetically and with unique designs.

For some people, glass may seem like the least durable architectural material. Traditionally, known to be fragile and plain, glass had very limited uses. However, advancements and innovative solutions have completely transformed this versatile material. Architects and designers everywhere are turning to glass solutions as the prime element to elevate any space.

Adding strength and durability with style

toughened safety glass

A major change in glass as a décor solution has resulted due to its increased strength. Toughened glass solutions are over 5 times stronger than regular glass making them extremely sturdy and durable. This has helped designers adopt glass solutions in places where earlier it was impossible. One such example can be witnessed in the form of glass floors in houses.

Moving beyond traditional materials like marble and concrete, glass floorings have become the new style statement. This durable solution is extremely low maintenance making it an ideal choice for large homes. In addition, it doesn’t become spotty or fade unlike other materials, keeping your home looking new and fresh for years to come.

For people looking for a bold décor, coloured glass floors are also possible. Here the sturdy glass floor is infused with a colour of your choice giving it a contemporary and artistic look. In addition, glass floorings can even be customised with etchings and designs of your choice. For individuals installing glass walkways in the gardens or patio, colourful lights under the glass can elevate the look and lighten the path.

Apart from flooring, glass solutions can also be used on staircases and stair railings. Staircases in a corner can sometimes appear dark and dingy, making the corner unappealing. The reflective nature of this material, on the other hand, brightens up your space. Glass staircases look stylish and elegant, while also being extremely safe for your family.

Enhancing comfort and peace aesthetically

Elegant lacquered glass furniture

Along with stylish aesthetics, innovative glass solutions also adds to one’s comfort. Increasing commercialisation in every city has also led to a significant increase in sound levels. Unfortunately, this noise can permeate through your home and personal space, disturbing your peace.

soundproof windows india

Countering this discomfort is the advent of soundproof windows in India. This acoustic glass solution works wonders in reducing sound levels and keeping your interiors calm. In this solution, two sheets of glass are permanently joined with an acoustic interlayer. This layer reduces transfer of sound by almost 60%. For residences in school, hospital or office zones, this reduction is a lot. Further, the use of double glass in this solution adds to the safety and security of your space. It also makes the window more sturdy and durable, reducing constant concerns of repair and replacement.

In addition, if by chance the glass suffers any damage, the pieces do not come apart in a manner that can hurt anyone. Instead, they remain stuck in place to the interlayer. This does not allow any gap or space for an intruder to break in and also reduces the risk of injury for people inside. Thus, your glass window can offer you natural light, open views, reduced sound and extra security, all in one solution.

Apart from these, glass solutions can also offer inhabitants solutions for heat reduction and temperature control, privacy and stylish décor. Based on one’s personal preferences, these solutions can be customised for a truly unique design. A home is your personal space. With glass, it can ensure comfort and style as per your requirements.

For a complete range of innovative glass solutions, you can contact a leading glass manufacturer in your city. Be sure to opt for a professional company with extensive experience in this field. A trained team can correctly help your with product selection and solutions ideal for your space. In addition, they offer a complete range of services from product selection and installation, to aftercare and maintenance services that are essential for a hassle-free experience.

Content Source: Glasxperts


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