Bring the versatility of glass solutions to your office space

Glass windows and furniture

Offices are largely characterised with functional interiors that are conducive to the nature of business. However, with increasing national and international relations redefining the scope of business, posh interiors have become an important dynamic as well.

Every client wants to sign a contract with an office that projects formality and professionalism. This can be achieved with aesthetic interiors that reflect modern materials and stylised functionalities.  An office that has dull interiors with out-dated materials is sure to make the clients re-think about signing a contract with your firm.

Balancing office requirement with modern aesthetics is glass. This versatile material can be adapted to various situations which are conducive to business practices while also adding to the interior appeal.

Formal façade solutions

The exterior of the office building is the first thing people notice about the space. A shabby building with peeling paint is hardly the kind of professional impression one would hope to create. Instead, a building with tinted glass or reflective mirrors immediately offers a positive and modern vibe.

Reflective glass, also known as heat resistant glass, is a leading preference for office buildings as it greatly reduces transfer of heat. An office generally has a large number of people for the majority of the day. Here, maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout the year is imperative for better performance. However, the extreme climatic conditions in India can make this a little difficult.

Glass helps to reduce artificial lighting

During summers, office buildings rely on heavy drapes and constant air-conditioning to keep the interior space cool. This can lead to high electricity bills and energy drain. With heat resistant glass, the amount of heat entering the building is naturally reduced, adding to the interior comfort.

In addition, selecting the right tint on your office windows can soften the harsh glare of the sun and optimize the amount of light entering in. This also helps brighten up the space and reduce dependence on artificial light.

A lot of individuals tend to be concerned about safety when installing glass windows in an office with a large number of people. However, modern advances in glass solutions have taken care of this concern with toughened glass for windows. This heat-strengthened glass is extremely durable and up to 5 times stronger than regular glass. Further, with high impact that may cause damage to the glass, the disintegration isn’t into long shards which may be dangerous. Instead, toughened glass crumbles into tiny pieces without sharp edges thus reducing the risk of injury.

Strong glass for secure office space

Versatile interior solutions

An important concern for offices is the requirement of a soundless atmosphere for better concentration and focus. Constant sound from outside can be quite a hindrance to productivity. Adding acoustic or sound proof windows to the offices can help with this concern. These windows are fitted with an acoustic interlayer that dampens exterior noise and prevents it from entering in.

Further, along with exterior noise, there may be certain departments that are louder than the other. When on the same floor, it can be difficult to prevent the noise of one team from disturbing the other. However, with acoustic doors and partitions, this becomes achievable. When added to a conference room or senior management cabin, this glass solution can help keep the matters of business meetings private and only limited to those that are in the room.

Along with acoustic solutions, one can even opt for visual privacy with the help of smart glass. This type of glass looks like regular glass till it is activated. With one click of the button, this glass can turn opaque and offer senior management or consultants the privacy they need. Thus, offices no longer need to completely segregate one section for meetings or conferences. Even a glass room in the centre of the room can afford complete visual and sound privacy without compromising on the aesthetics of the space.

In addition, a splash of colour can brighten up the space and offer employees a positive vibe. For this purpose, lacquered glass solutions are a perfect fit. This glass is fused with a sheet of lacquer making it extremely sturdy while providing your office with colour. As it is extremely durable and low-maintenance, it can work wonders on table tops, partitions and even cabinet doors.

Thus, innovative solutions in glass can add aesthetics with functionality to your office space while breaking away from mundane visuals. For detailed information and latest trends in glass solutions, please contact a leading glass manufacturer in your city.

Content Source: Glasxperts


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