Importance of glass solutions at retail sector

Elegant look with glass to retail outlet

The Retail Industry in India has undergone a mammoth change within the past few years. The retail industry has consistently seen an increase by 15%-18% with every passing year. The world’s second highest populated country India holds a staggering 1.25 billion people! With increase in disposable incomes, younger demographic profile, modernized lifestyle, rural market penetration and rise of the middle class have been the key drivers in rising retail growth through the years.

It all started with the local shopping outlet that led to single brand franchise, which led to stand alone retail chains, which then transcended to stores in shopping centres, and finally into the malls. Not every retail store though has undergone this transformation. There are several retail stores that are facing stiff competition from retail chains, shopping centres and malls. The introduction of the FDI policy that allows international brands to enter the Indian market with single-brand stores have further propelled retail store to re-plan their business.

Retail stores were favoured due to the ease, familiarity and convenience they afforded. Over the years though, supermarkets and malls have opened a plethora of choices to the consumer. As humans, consumers crave for more. They look for that little extra. Malls provide a 360 degree experience for consumers. They avail everything under one roof – something that lone retail stores may fail to provide.

Retail stores provide a selective range of products that may or may not satisfy a consumer. Retail stores in a mall on the other hand have the advantage of superior infrastructure, innovative visual merchandising, parking facility, and broader choice. A consumer can browse for the product of choice in a mall while in a retail store the consumer is restricted to what the store attendant picks out and displays. Store design too plays an integral role in influencing a consumer’s mind.

A well designed store that features décor that emphasizes sophistication and grandeur instantly catch the attention of a consumer. Store products are assembled and placed strategically to maximize attention and purchase of the products. Glass décor solutions are an invaluable asset in stores as they are versatile and can be the initial trigger for consumers to walk into the store.

Glass Sliding Doors

Glass sliding doors give a sophisticated look and provide ease of access while stepping in and out of a store. The clear, transparent door also allows customers to get a glimpse of what the store offers in case they are not familiar with the brand or the store. It arouses the curiosity of the consumer who then steps into see what the store has to offer. Glass Sliding Doors also enhance the aesthetic feel of the store with its sleekness.

Glass Staircase

glass staircase designs

Some stores feature indoor staircases that lead to additional and different levels or categories of the store. While in the past, wooden staircases were mostly implemented, stores could raise their aesthetic appeal by implementing glass staircases. Besides this aspect, a glass staircase also affords the consumer a clear view of the store and products. A glass staircase that features etched glass or painted glass adds an artistic touch to the store’s interior décor.

Product Displays

Glass is the perfect element that can be used for product displays. The clarity and neutral features of glass put the product in focus and in the limelight of the customer’s view. Products arranged on a glass panel or glass table enhance the appeal value to the consumer. Glass also reflects light that falls on it aiding it to reflect the light on the products thus giving them more prominence.


Skylight windows

Glass skylights add a distinct edge to the aesthetics of a store. Textured glass, laminated glass, and tinted glass are great to be implemented for skylights as they add to the décor while maintaining energy efficiency, durability, strength, regulating temperature, and being cost-effective solution. Skylights bring in natural light while keeping the interiors cool and pleasant, thereby saving energy consumption by air conditioners. They are tough glasses that can withstand weather elements and damage hence protecting the store, products and customers.

Laminated and Security Glass

Laminated glass solutions are elemental in preserving security. These glass solutions are essentially security glass solutions as they provide a high standard of security against damage and intruders. Laminated glass consists of two to three panes of glass with an interlayer that shatters within on strong impact and keeps the glass from completely shattering. It also helps as an acoustic glass by minimizing noise thus providing for a quiet, serene atmosphere within the store. Value added laminated glass solutions take this feature to a whole new level. These solutions resists impact and breakage thus keeping the store safe from burglars and miscreants. Both glasses have high durability, are easy to maintain and do not compromise on the décor of the store while keeping it secure.

Whether it is a retail store, retail chain, supermarket, or a mall – glass solutions favours all types of retail outlets with its flexibility, designs, features, and aesthetic value. Leading glass manufacturers in India produce distinctive glass solutions that will suit different retail formats.

Content Source: Glasxperts


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