Ensure a pollution proof lifestyle with specialized glass solutions

Rising toxicity in the air, across cities in India, has increasingly been in the news in recent years. This rise in pollution is also being linked to a wide increase in respiratory illnesses, especially in children. When outside the home, people resort to masks or sealed cars to protect themselves from the smog and pollution. However, when inside they often remain worry-free without realising that tiny gaps in their window structures may be allowing the pollution to permeate indoors.

The innovations in glass as a modern building material have been far and widespread, turning from a fragile and plain element to a stylish and durable solution. In recent years, glass windows have also been equipped to protect your space from pollutants, toxins, heat and sound with the help of energy efficient glass, double glazed windows, and others.

Ensure a pollution proof lifestyle with innovative glass solutions

Customised glass solutions along with sealed windows ensure that your interiors are devoid of any pollution, ensuring a healthier lifestyle. In addition, a strong sealant and locking system on your windows can fill all gaps and spaces that may be left during installation to prevent any dust or smog from entering in. There are also certain glasses one can install for a pollution proof interior. These include:

Insulated solutions with double glazed windows

A trending solution, double glazed windows use two glasses in a single window, separated by some space. This space generally holds some air within it for better insulation. This window style is also known as insulated windows as it protects the interiors from various environmental factors such as noise, dust, dirt and air.

The amount of air trapped within the windows acts as an insulation layer by reducing the amount of heat and sound passing through. A single sheet of glass has no barrier properties when it comes to sound or heat transfer. However, by trapping some air between two (or more) glass panels, one can create a natural insulator thereby improving the quality of interiors.

In addition, this window type uses broader frames, due to multiple glass panels, which are then sealed in the frame blocking out any toxic air and preventing it from entering your home. Keep in mind that the glass panels work well in preventing sound and heat transfer, but they also have to be fitted well and secured with a strong sealant, like silicone, to avoid any gaps from which smog or pollution may enter.

Comfortable interiors with energy efficient glasses

Along with insulating your interiors with the double glazed window system, you can also choose the right kind of glass based on your comfort and requirement. A common and recommended option is that of energy efficient glasses.

The sealed air between the glasses acts as a thermal barrier and prevents loss of heat in the winters while reducing the amount of heat entering in the summer months. By adding energy efficient glasses to this window system, one can greatly improve the temperature maintained indoors. Low-E solar glasses work wonders in double glazed window units by further reducing heat transfer. These glass solutions also protect inhabitants from harmful ultraviolet and infrared radiations.

In places where the glare of the sun can be quite high, a tinted glass can also be used to optimise the amount of daylight entering in, while avoiding the intense glare and heat. Reflective glass is another stylish and trendy energy efficient window solution which can commonly be seen in high rise and office buildings. This type of glass not only gives the exterior of the building an aesthetic look but can greatly reduce the amount of heat and light entering the building, while simultaneously increasing the privacy of the space.

Thus, we can see that glass solutions with a strong window system can go a long way in keeping our interiors free of pollution and harmful toxins. However, they also have an added environmental benefit. By naturally maintaining clean and comfortable interiors, individuals require less of artificial lighting, temperature control and air purifiers. This not only prevents additional drain of natural resources and CO2 emissions, but can also reduce the cost of energy bills over time. For latest trends in glass solutions along with a well-fitted window system, be sure to only contact the leading glass manufacturer in your city with professional expertise in this field.

Content Source: Glasxperts


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