Add safety to restaurants with glass solutions

Painted tempered glass furniture

Restaurants are now preferred not just for the quality of food served by them, but also for the ambience and interior design. Dinners or a meal out has become more like a social outing with friends and family than just the act of eating a meal. Bright and vibrant interiors with a fashionable and positive appeal tend to attract a larger crowd, adding to the success of the restaurant. Modern glass solutions are playing a huge role in transforming the interiors of a restaurant towards a more urbane and chic look.

Apart from being adapted to stylistic design pieces that complement the interiors, these glass solutions are also playing an active role as the main architectural element used in the structure. The flexibility and durability of glass have made it possible for restaurants to branch out from simple floor plans to trendy and stylish structures. Some of these include:

Stylistic glass floorings

The flooring of an establishment is generally the first thing a person notices as they enter. Traditional floorings with wood or marble tend to look quite mundane and regular. In addition, a few years in, and the flooring starts to display the wear and tear giving the restaurant an old and unkempt look. Constant repairs and maintenance of these floorings can also cost quite a bit in the expense category.

However, with glass floorings one can not only stand apart from the crowd but also save on the repair expense. Stylish and durable glass floorings can instantly elevate the interiors and classify your restaurant. In addition, this versatile material is highly customisable and can include an etching of your restaurant name, logo or even a hint of colour.

Innovative staircase designs

Made with toughened glass solutions, glass staircases have become a new trend for restaurants to uplift their interiors. This type of heat-strengthened glass is perfect as it is much stronger than regular glass, making it possible to handle massive footfall while adding to the aesthetic charm of the place. A glass staircase supported with a glass railing offers a modern, stylish and open look along with safety and durability.

In addition, this material is easy to clean and maintain with simple methods, making a much-loved material for social establishments. No longer does one need to worry about wood splinters or sharp metal edges but can opt for smooth and clean solutions with glass. The advantage of toughened glass is also in its strength which makes it almost impossible to break even with repeated impact. In addition, if this glass does suffer some kind of unexpected damage, it doesn’t break apart in long sharp pieces that can hurt someone, but disintegrate into tiny round pieces, greatly reducing the risk of injury.

Trendy rooftops and railings

glass spiral staircase

An increasing number of restaurants are eyeing a terrace floor or rooftop seating to add to their restaurant space in a fashionable manner. However, safety becomes an added concern in a space like this. Traditionally, restaurants opted for metal bars or railings to line their balconies and rooftop spaces that drastically reduced the interior appeal. However, with security glass solutions like laminated glass, these railings can be achieved in a secure and aesthetic manner.

Laminated glass is produced by permanently fusing two glass sheets with an interlayer. This durable glass solution is extremely tough to break making it a perfect rooftop solution. In addition, on breakage, this type of glass doesn’t come apart but the pieces stay stuck to the interlayer, adding another dimension of safety and security to the place. With security glass solutions, restaurants can secure their railings or opt to cover their rooftop without blocking the expansive view. A skylight glass solution also works wonders in places like these, with an expansive window offering the entire view while keeping the unwanted elements of sound, heat and dust outdoors.

So, if you are looking to revamp your restaurant with stylish and modern solutions, glass may be the perfect fit for you. For more information and advice about these glass solutions and how they can be adapted to your restaurant, please contact the leading glass manufacturers in your city. Be sure to choose a professional company with extensive experience which offers a complete set of services for a trouble-free and pleasant experience.

Content Source: Glasxperts



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