How glass adds a premium look to corporate spaces

Corporate spaces and offices are facing stiff competition these days not only in terms of their skill level but also their interiors and building architecture. To move forward and engage an increased number of clients, corporate spaces are revamping and modernising their office structures for a more current and trendy appeal.

No client wants to sign a high-priced contract with an office that seems outdated or unkempt. This has led several corporate spaces to look for new and modern building materials that bring about a premium look to their space, with glass emerging as the perfect solution.

Modernizing the exterior façade with the interiors

When used in the exterior façade, glass solutions can elevate your corporate space and create a positive impression on your clients even before they enter your offices. Additionally, these glass exteriors can be customised with coloured tints or reflective mirrors for an added attraction.

For several individuals, the thought of surrounding the corporate exteriors with glass can raise questions regarding safety and security, as glass is typically considered to be a fragile element. However, this aesthetically pleasing option is possible in a secure manner with toughened glass solutions. This type of glass is extremely strong and durable preventing break-ins and securing your interiors.

A popular choice of glass solutions being witnessed in multiple corporate spaces is spider glazing. This type of exterior consists of a frameless glass system which opens up the interiors to expansive views in an uninterrupted manner. The use of toughened glass in this solution makes it a perfect fit with regards to safety as well. Almost impossible to break into, if toughened glass does get damaged by some accident, it doesn’t break apart in long sharp shards but rather crumbles into tiny round pieces that greatly reduce the risk of injury in a crowded space like an office.

Additionally, glass solutions in corporate spaces can also be customised for added benefits such as sound proof windows to reduce exterior sounds, energy efficient windows to reduce the amount of heat permeating in and thus keep the interiors cool and comfortable, as well as innovative design etchings for a sophisticated and urbane look.

Revamping interiors with trendy and innovative solutions

When one thinks of a stylish interior for a corporate space one tends to focus largely on the windows and partitions that will be put up along with the furniture. However, with modern glass solutions, one can go a step further and distinguish themselves from their competitors by using this solution along the staircase or even the office floor.

Traditionally, staircase designs in corporate spaces consisted of concrete steps or those made with wood or metal. These materials significantly take away from the interiors while requiring large amounts of upkeep and maintenance which can turn out to be quite an expensive proposition over the years. However, by using glass solutions in staircase designs, an office can truly revolutionize its look and visual appeal.  Apart from looking visually stunning, using glass in staircases is a trouble-free and low-maintenance solution that keeps your space looking modern and trendy for years to come. The durable nature of this element also saves one from constant repair or maintenance work.

Additionally, in terms of aesthetics, glass solutions are highly customisable. These glass staircases can come with a variety of designs etched on them, including the office logo, for a posh appeal. For those looking to go even further, a slight tint or colour can also be added to the design.

Unlike earlier materials, glass isn’t limited in its usage opening up a huge space for innovation and creativity in the field of architecture and design. Each corporate space can bring its own charm and elegance to the office, without compromising on is functionality or budget. Be it sober or vibrant, clear or opaque, interior or exterior, glass solutions can be adapted to any décor for a classic and premium appeal.

So, if you are looking to revamp your corporate space and get noticed by your clients and competitors alike, glass may just be the ideal fit for you. To know more about this flexible solution and how it can transform your space in innovative ways, please contact the leading glass manufacturer in your city.

Content Source: Glasxperts


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