Enhance the aesthetic charm of pubs and clubs with glass solutions

Bring the new feel to your home

Clubs and pubs have become an integrated part of almost everyone’s social life across. Once frequented only by a certain set of people on the weekends, new establishments in this sector have revolutionized the concept of a night-out with friends. Now visited by people across age groups and through the week, pubs and clubs have come a long way since they first started.

Hoteliers and independent owners of clubs and pubs are also trying new and innovative solutions to attract large amounts of crowd. From changes to the exterior façade to revamping interiors and décor completely, this section of the hospitality industry has witnessed a huge change.

A major reason that has brought about this change is the look and feel of these places. No longer are pubs and clubs defined as dingy and dark establishments but rather trendy and cool spaces to spend some time in. Dull interiors have paved the way for modern designs which are light, vibrant and open, attracting a lot more people.

One such modern architectural solution to achieve this and classify a club or pub is glass. Available in stylish and aesthetic designs with tonnes of functional benefits, glass solutions have become the leading material to modernise and secure a pub or club.

Bright and reflective

Traditional materials like wood, concrete or metal, tend to absorb the light making the space appear dull. Additionally, when used to partition sections in the clubs, they created a sense of isolation or being blocked which was seldom liked. However, the reflective nature of glass instantly elevates the interiors, bringing in sufficient light with a feeling of openness. Strategically placed mirrors on the walls or partitions can further add to the brightness and interior charm of the pub or club. Glass solutions are also customisable with trendy designs or vibrant colours that add an additional bit of vibrancy and freshness to the aesthetic appeal.

Aesthetic segregation

A space where glass works wonderfully in clubs and pubs is the balcony room. These balconies typically had metal railings with gaps which appeared unkempt and rusty, making the place appear shabby. Nowadays with innovative glass solutions, pubs and clubs can separate the balcony with the main section with a stylish glass partition without isolating the people. Adding a glass walkway leading to the balcony room or across the entire pub can be quite eye-catching and create a distinct impression among visitors. Additionally, using a toughened safety glass around the balcony makes it sturdy and secure while being visually appealing. As glass is the easiest material to clean and maintain, it also keeps your space looking new and trendy for years to come.

Safety with style

Clubs and pubs are often found on different floors based on their location, from the basement to terrace, connected with a flight of stairs. These were typically metal staircases and railings that seem cumbersome and tend to become rusty over time. Some establishments opted for wood instead and found themselves constantly repairing or polishing the stairs to maintain the structure, which turned out to be quite expensive. Using glass instead for the entire staircase and stairs railing can leave all these problems behind while enhancing the charm and sophistication of the place. The addition of a skylight in an enclosed terrace can retain the skyview while securing your space from unwanted weather conditions and pollution. It adds a sense of safety for everyone in that area while enhancing the interiors and usage of a space.

Technological advancements have turned glass from a simple, fragile material to a sturdy and stylish solution. Toughened and heat-strengthened glass, when used in stairs and on railings, can open up the space while providing a clean and uncluttered look. A design infused or clear glass railing on the stairs not only makes it a safer option during times of excessive footfall but also livens up the area. A major safety feature of toughened glass used on stair railings is that they are almost impossible to break and quite sturdy and durable. Additionally, if by some accident it is broken, this glass solution does not break into large sharp shards but crumbles into tiny round pieces that have a minimal risk of injury.

Thus, not only does glass bring a clean and fresh look to the place, it is also preferred due to durability and ease of maintenance. Constant movement and crowds in pubs and clubs can greatly add to the wear and tear of the space and hike maintenance expenses for the owners. But with this durable and sturdy solution, the cost of maintenance is greatly reduced while the aesthetic charm is raised significantly, making it the perfect fit.

Content Source: Glasxperts


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