Why glass is the most recommended solutions for hospitals

The medical industry, with hospitals in particular, has witnessed a massive change in the past few years. Medical advancements and innovative technology have turned the most intricate surgeries into a routine operation, with better equipment and improved skill. However, this medical advancement also needs to be reflected in the hospital for a patient to visit it.

Typically associated only with white walls all round, be it the corridor or rooms, hospitals are now completely revamping and revolutionising their space. The focus has turned from pure functionality to a décor that instils comfort and positivity in a patient. Additionally, every section of the hospital has a different requirement based on its nature and use. Achieving all these solutions from a single material while retaining some sense of aesthetics was practically unheard of earlier, but with innovative advancements in glass, this has now become possible.

Some of the benefits of using glass in hospitals are:

Noiseless interiors

Hospitals are generally located in the heart of the neighbourhood, surrounded by constant hustle and bustle. This can make the surrounding environment quite noisy and loud especially in high traffic areas. Additionally, if a hospital is situated near a school or college district, the noise levels just constantly increase. Allowing this level of sound to permeate in can be quite disturbing for everyone inside the hospital from the medical staff to patients.

However, with the advent of soundproof window solutions, reducing external noise has become extremely easy. These glass solutions look clean and inviting while blocking the amount of sound that enters. Using soundproof glasses on the windows or facades will greatly add to the hospital’s allure and charm while serving the functional purpose of reducing noise. This glass can also be used indoors such as in waiting rooms or conference rooms to contain the noise and discussions inside the room itself.

Cozy lighting with glass in hospitals

Positive appeal

A hospital in its nature of service can create a sense of dread or panic among the people that need to visit. If this structure is made of blocked materials like plywood, metal or concrete, the feeling only tends to worsen. This has led modern hospitals to focus a lot more on the appeal and look of the hospital. Decorative glass solutions such as lacquered or stained glass work wonders in such a situation. Sturdy and durable, these glass solutions can instantly enhance the interiors and décor of a space making it more appealing and inviting. Glasses with soft hues of blues and greens are known to be calming and soothing. These glass solutions can be fitted in consultation rooms and waiting areas for a visually attractive and positive appeal.

Privacy sections

A significant consideration in a hospital is with regards to the privacy aspect of patients and doctor’s alike. Patients in the recovery room or undergoing a consultation require complete privacy to be comfortable. Earlier these were achieved with concrete and plywood which also added to a feeling of alienation or isolation for the patient sometimes, causing further distress.

With modern advancements in the architectural field, glass which was once a simple transparent sheet has now become the perfect privacy solution. As smart glass solutions in India are becoming quite the rage, this glass is perfect to bring in privacy as and when required. Smart glass is a transparent looking glass than can turn translucent or foggy at the click of a button making it a perfect fit for consultation and conference rooms. Additionally, for spaces that constantly require privacy such as recovery rooms, bathrooms etc., frosted glass works perfectly in the windows and doors. This glass solution allows light to flood in while completely protecting an individual’s privacy.

Smart glass is useful for personal cabins

Safety features

Even with its many advantages, several people hesitate in using glass along their interiors and exteriors over concerns regarding their safety. But this versatile building material takes care of that aspect to with toughened or tempered glass solutions. Processed by exposing glass to extreme heat and then cooling them, these glass solutions are extremely strong and durable, making them perfect for the façade or skylight. Additionally, in case of some unexpected accident that can cause it to break, this glass doesn’t break into sharp shards but rather small pieces that significantly reduces the risk of injury.

Thus, for a hospital requiring multiple solutions and often on a budget, glass seems to be the perfect building material. To know more about how glass solutions can revamp your hospital, please consult a reputed glass manufacturer in your area.

Content Source: Glasxperts


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