Add a sense of luxury to your residential space with customised glass

A home is the most intimate representation of a person. This is the space where one looks for style, comfort, and elegance with a touch of luxury.  However, traditional solutions of marble and metal can look mundane or repetitive while also being extremely expensive. This is where the technological and design advancements in glass come into play. Customised glass solutions for your windows or doors can instantly brighten up your home while adding a touch of grace and elegance.

Flood your Interiors with Natural Light

Skylight windows

One such glass solution is skylight glass. This roof-top glass can completely open up your home, flooding your interiors with natural light and warmth. Also, such an expansive glass solution instantly brings a sense of luxury and extravagance to your residence. This glass window can be installed in your bedroom or living room to open up the space and make it brighter. Additionally, based on one’s preference they can be transparent or opaque thus adapting to your comfort level.

Initially, most individuals would shy away from installing glass windows or doors due to the fragile nature with which glass was most associated. However, massive advancements in the field of architecture and design have turned this once-breakable option into a sturdy and reliable solution. Some of the aspects that enhance the functionality of your skylight solution while adding to the aesthetics of the interior include:

Durability: The skylight glass window is made with laminated sentry glass that is five times stronger even than traditional laminated glass, securing your home from any unwanted break-ins while also adding to the durability of the window.

UV Protection: The intense heat and harmful rays of the sun are a huge deterrent for people looking to install skylight glass solutions in their homes. However, with the addition of a 99% UV protection film, this skylight window opens up your residence to abundant sunshine while keeping the harmful rays away.

Scratch and Skid Resistant: Special coatings on your skylight window can offer a variety of functions while maintaining the luxurious feel and look. For instance, a special coating can make your skylight scratch resistant ensuring that it looks new even after years of installation. Additionally, a film coating is also available to make your skylight skid-free.

Reclaim your space with glass sliding solutions

For many people, luxurious and stylish interiors seem only possible in huge spaces like farmhouses or bungalows. This can be quite disappointing for a huge number of people residing in apartments. But with innovative solutions emerging constantly, glass sliding doors and windows are a great addition to any home. These customisable glass solutions are perfect for individuals in residential spaces that want to open up their home in a stylish manner without utilizing too much space.

Customized solutions for sliding systems

These sliding solutions work perfectly as a window or door, and do not obstruct floor space as they slide horizontally across a section. In addition, the use of tempered glass in these sliding systems adds to their safety and strength. This glass is much stronger and far more resilient than regular glass, eliminating fragility and greatly reducing risk. Tempered glass is almost impossible to be broken into also acting as an additional security force in your home. In case of accidental damage or impact, this glass breaks into tiny pieces and not sharp shards which could hurt someone.

Further, these solutions can be placed anywhere in your residence from bedroom, living room to even full French doors at the entrance of the patio. They open up your space, brighten it and offer an expansive view of the sky, adding to the illusion of extra space.

So, if you’re looking to add a luxurious feel to your home without compromising on your interiors or space, customisable glass solutions is the perfect fit for you. They make your home more open and inviting while also providing several functional benefits.

For a pleasant glass fitting experience, it is recommended to opt for a reputed glass manufacturer in your city. Look for a professional company offering a range of services from installation and fitting to after-care service. Also, a leading glass company will have the latest innovations and glass solutions that can be fitted in your home for a truly unique and exquisite look.

Content Source: Glasxperts


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