Why wedding halls and ballrooms should opt for wood and uPVC solutions

Hotels are way more than just a place where guests come to stay for a night or two and leave. Today, in the modern era, hotels have become miniature residential areas with ultra-premium facilities equipped with the basic kind of amenities being made available. There amenities range from meeting halls, conference rooms, theaters, amphitheaters, wedding halls, ballrooms, etc.

For such a huge establishment, it is important to be equipped with ultra premium facilities with stylish & chic décor to catch the eyeballs of the visitors. Wedding halls in particular are supposed to carry this premium look to suit the occasion and become talk of the town once the event is over.

The problem with choosing the perfect décor for the wedding hall is that the designers and architects are needed to consider a number of issues before hand. One should make sure that the décor showcases the premium appeal. It is also important that the solutions chosen are safe, secure, durable and free from the harms of accidents and injuries.

When it comes to adapting to the ultra modern solutions at these premium spaces, then you’ll notice that architects usually recommend wood or uPVC solutions these days. uPVC doors and windows in particular, are very popular at hotel spaces and the different branches of the hospitality sector. When an establishment prefers a more classical appeal, wooden solutions also work better than a number of solutions.


There are a number of advantages of choosing wood and uPVC over metal and concrete solutions. Wood and uPVC is long lasting. These solutions, once installed last for a minimum time period of 10 years. Décor and interior design is a very intricate process and one cannot change it frequently. With wood and uPVC, comes that stylish finesse that catches eyeballs at every moment. Wooden solutions come with a long term guarantee that lasts up to 30 years. Same with uPVC, the frames and panels are long lasting and don’t touch the elegance even in the long run. While metal solutions catch rust and the finesse starts to wear off after a while, the shine in the uPVC and wood remain and even if the effects to wear off, a small polish work is capable of bringing it back to life.

Safety is a major concern at these venues. It is important to make sure that the solution is free from the dangers of injuries and accidents. Metal solutions catch rust, become prone to cause unfortunate incidents. Regular checkup is required to make sure that there are no sharp cuts coming out from edges. When it comes to wood and uPVC, these solutions don’t suffer with this problem. The modern designs for wooden glass doors are articulated in such a way that sharp corners never come out of the edges.

Wood gives a number of options for the design of ballrooms and wedding halls. While the use of metal and concrete is limited in a way or another, wood is used for doors, windows, flooring, cladding, padding, etc. Wood as a solution gives a better appeal to the interiors of the wedding hall compared to marble, tiles, cement and metal.

A major issue with concrete, stones and metal is that these solutions are not resistant to natural calamities like earthquake & cyclone. Also, these solutions cannot take heavy windload. When you choose wood and uPVC over these outdated solutions, you get safety from the natural disasters as well as the accidental ones. uPVC is fire resistant, withstands the heavy windload and makes sure that during an event like cyclone, it causes minimal injuries to those inside.

With wood and uPVC, you also get additional benefits like acoustic control, security and privacy. uPVC filters noise upto 30Db when installed with the correct glass panel. Same with wood, the thickness of the solution doesn’t let the unwanted noise interfere with the proceedings inside. Since wedding halls and ballrooms are prone to loud music, you won’t want your guests in the hotel complain about the unwanted noise hampering their sleep. These solutions are durable, don’t break even if a burglar or a thief wants to break and enter. You can stay relaxed about the safety and security of the interiors.

Wood and uPVC are the next age cutting edge solutions designed to suit every requirement ranging from home to office and hospitality. These solutions guarantee taking your interiors to a level of décor and finesse.

Content Source: Glasxperts


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