Why should hospitals install glass solutions?

Can you imagine a healthcare space with outdated designs and décor? The answer is no. While advanced healthcare facilities are the primary requirement of a healthcare facility. It is important to focus on the design and décor of the interiors and exteriors. When it comes to design and décor, it is important to choose a solution that is stylish, safe and friendly to the atmosphere of the hospital. This is a primary reason why glass is one of the most preferred solution in the healthcare industry. Glass adds a number of features to the overall appeal of the hospitals and clinics, here are some of them –

Positive Appeal – Glass solutions bring a positive appeal to the interiors of the space where installed. It is said that positive atmosphere helps patients recover faster. It also helps the relatives of the patients to stay motivated and calm. For a place like hospital, it becomes very important to keep the positive appeal of the interiors. With glass, comes the positive ambience that helps everyone stay in their right state of mind. Hospitals have children’s ward, where décor plays an important role in keeping them happy and joyful.

Poor décor brings the motivation of the patients down and glass counters this issue in a very excellent way. Glass presents you with a series of options in design and décor. You can choose from transparent glass solutions for doors and windows to coloured tinted and lacquered glass. Lacquered glass solutions come in different colours and are an excellent replacement for wall in patient’s ward. Tinted and frosted glass solutions also block the view from outside and can be installed in doctor’s chambers & rooms of the patients looking for their own personal time.

Sound and Noise Filtering – Modern glass solutions have excellent noise filtering abilities. These solutions are manufacturing through specialized processes that reduces the intensity of the noise from the outside making the interiors calm. A patient recovering from their illness prefers spending in peace. Serenity and calmness help them recover faster. Most modern hospitals use sound proof windows because they are situated in busy areas bustling with traffic and noise. While hospital management cannot control the external noise, they do use the insulated glazing glass solutions to bring down the level of noise around 30 to 45 decibels. Glass windows don’t block the view from outside and at the same time they give the patients a complete personal time without being disturbed from unwanted noise.

Privacy – Privacy is important for every patient recovering from their sickness. It is also important for the doctors attending the patients. As hospital is a very busy place, there is always a movement going on. Patients often complain that they are being bothered by random people, peeping inside for no reason. To counter this, it is impossible to block the view of the interiors using metal and plyboards. At the same time they can always use the solutions like integrated blinds and glass with view control films.

These solutions have been a very popular choice for the interiors. They can be installed in patient’s ward, doctor’s chamber and operation theatres. Integrated blinds are a wonderful blend of aesthetics and privacy. This feature lets the user turn blinds on and off with a remote’s click. Integrated blinds give classy looks to the interiors and today are popular choice not only for hospitals, but also for residential, commercial and retail spaces.

Automated glass solutions – Modern glass solutions have developed a feature that lets the use operate the solution at their own wish. The leading solution in this list is the smart glass. With smart glass solutions you can turn the glass visibility from transparent to translucent with a remote’s click. This feature comes useful for old age patients and patients who are unable to walk up to the window every time they need to open or close it. Smart glass makes the life easier for recovering patients, at the same time hospitals like to show their advanced integrations in their infrastructure.

Sliding doors are also an innovation when it comes to automated glass. These sliding doors open and close sensing the movement. They are an important addition to the hospital interiors making the lives of wheelchair and stretcher ridden patients easier.

With glass solutions you can make your healthcare centre shine brighter and modern. Style, décor and elegance is something that is required by both patients and doctors and with glass solutions can help you create wonders.

Content Source: Glasxperts



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