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Hotels thrive on design and decor. The more advanced architectural essentials of the hotel interiors are, the more it catches eyeballs among the prospective guests and customers. Today, hotels are moving away from the traditional glass solutions and are experimenting with new ideas. The use of unconventional material is in a top demand at luxury resorts and other premium hotel properties.

When it comes to unconventional solutions, glass tops the list of favourites of interior designers.

As modern interiors have intricately adapted to rapid trends and changes with innovative solutions, glass is one of the most spectacular interior design solutions, shaping up today’s hotel decor. Glass is now an excellent commodity to build and construct into the hospitality space.

Glass has the ability to transform interiors with grace and panache. Gone are the days when metal and ply boards were the materials selected by the interior designers and architects. Nowadays, everyone is looking for stylish and up-to-date interiors to make their hotels aesthetically appealing. One of the best ways to do so is by revamping your space with elegant materials like decorative glass. Such glass can be used for many applications within your interiors such as doors, windows, flooring, ceiling, kitchen cabinets, shelves, table tops, stairways, wardrobes, etc.

A hotel space can be made much more pleasing and brighter with the installation of a skylight. It can open up confined or compact quarters by rendering capaciousness. Skylights are a modern innovation which welcomes more light. A skylight can transform the entire look and feel of hotel interiors. Skylights, though having multiple functions, are primarily roof windows which provide a visual connection to the outdoor environment to interior occupants. They are day lighting elements which are used to allow direct and/or indirect sunlight, through top lighting.

Toughened glass and laminated glass solutions are an ideal choice for hospitality interiors as it also provides security to the interiors apart from increasing the aesthetic appeal. Toughened glass is manufactured using special process that makes it stronger than the normal glass. It can withstand temperature up to 250 degrees. One of the main characteristic is that upon breakage, the glass does not shatter but remains intact to the frame, thus reducing the risk of an accident. Hotels are a busy space and toughened glass makes sure that guests don’t get injured if the solution suffers from breakage. These glass solutions look aesthetically pleasant and can also be customized at one’s choice. Heat strengthened laminated glass come with greater stability. It is a long lasting and durable solution that comes with a high degree of resilience. It eliminates the need for grills and shutters which usually don’t compliment the look and feel of the overall interior space.

Glass staircases and stair railings take the look and feel of the hospitality space to a whole new level. Glass staircases add a sense of luxury and royalty to the interiors of the hotel and give the same feeling to your guests as well. When a prospective customer goes through the list of the hotels they want to choose from, they always look at the photo gallery. Here is where specialized solutions like skylights and staircases make a consumer finalize his/ her decision in one go. When your guests return from their vacation, the first thing they review is the stylish appeal of the hotel space and why they’ll like to visit it again.

Hotel rooms should speak of luxury and vanity. The better the decor, the more memorable the stay of your guests will be. There are a number of solutions like lacquered, stacked and tinted glass solutions available for the doors and windows of the hotel rooms. But it is also important to not to ignore the decor and design of the bathrooms. Of all the innovative glass solutions available in the market, glass shower enclosures make sure that the charm and aesthetic appeal of your hotel interiors is never lost. Apart from shower cubicles, there are mirrors and glass bathtubs that can give the aesthetic appeal of your hotel’s bathrooms a new meaning.

The versatility and the adaptability of glass is the reason why it is so popular in hotels. The many innovations in glass make it an ideal choice not only for the hospitality industry but for offices, residential and healthcare space as well.

Content Source: Glasxperts


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