Advantages of Decorative Glass for Interiors

Interiors and aesthetic appeal have gained great importance in the recent past. When a person enters your space, be it your house, café, restaurant, showroom, office or retail space, it is all about the first impression you make. It is all about the impression they take back of your interiors.

Are you ready to make the best impression of your interiors?  Not yet? Don’t worry, we have a solution. Let us look at the advantages of decorative glass for interiors:

There are of course umpteen materials to set-up your interiors. The first and very basic step to a great interior is choosing the right material for a set-up of your dreams. The materials that can be used to do so are wood, ceramic tiles, stone, terrazzo, carpet fibre, case goods and glass.

Glass: The customizable option

Glass is a 360 degree solution for interiors. It allows you to choose the ideal solution and adds a touch of elegance to your contemporary interiors. This makes the space exactly as you dreamt it to be. It couldn’t get any better, right?

In addition to the elegance it adds, glass is a solution that is most customizable. It can be customized as per your needs and ideas, very easily. Also, installing glass is not too worrisome. If you choose the right provider, they will take care of everything from start to end.

The solutions glass can provide:

Having said that glass is the most customizable option and is great for creating a first impression, it serves many purposes. Glass is versatile in the sense that it serves greatly for aesthetics as well as security, acoustics, energy efficient, privacy and specialized solutions. Glass is such that it can personalize your environment by providing unconventional concepts and innovative solutions. Glass can surprise you and make your idea better than you imagined.

For any of your spaces, the interiors are a very personal space and they are an extension of the personality you are. Hence, the glass you choose is extremely important.

Decorative glass:

Modern décor ideas for doors, walls, windows and partitions require being aesthetically appealing and at the same time easy to maintain. Modern developments have made glass as a solution that is viable for home interiors. There are multiple options available in decorative glass. Decorative glass can be chosen ranging from stacked, etched, printed and lacquered glass designed specifically for interiors.

The types of decorative glass include:

  • Lacquered glass
  • Ceramic Fit
  • Colour laminated glass
  • Fabric laminated glass
  • Crackled glass
  • Patterned glass
  • Printed glass
  • Etched glass
  • Stacked glass
  • Mirror and Safety mirror glass

Now let us look at the advantages of decorative glass for different interior spaces: home, office, retail, healthcare:

Lacquered glass:

Lacquered glass is an excellent solution for interior applications.  It offers an exclusive range of coloured and opaque glass for interior applications. It can be used in partitions, cabinet doors, table tops and writing boards. It is also available in different colours like black pearl, snow white, chrome yellow and stone grey.

The main advantage of lacquered glass is that it is strong enough to withstand temperatures up to 80 degrees. It is extremely flexible and can be cut, drilled and edged at the finishing. This glass is the perfect example of a customizable glass solution.

Colour laminated glass:

This glass is a very strong, durable and proficient glass solution. If you choose this glass for your interiors, it will not only add to the aesthetic appeal but also add to the security of your interiors, given its strength.

The biggest advantage of this glass is that it has the strength to eliminate 99% of UV radiation. This glass is the best choice if your interiors are located at a tropical location.

Etched or frosted glass:

Frosted glass is also known as etched glass. It is an artistic glass with interesting carving on the surface. It gives a beautiful aesthetic appeal that no other glass solution brings along.

The reason why you should opt for this glass is because it provides a smooth, satin like effect with a coloured or white frosted finish. It can be used in partitions, shower curtains, paneling and furniture.

With this glass, your visitors are sure to come back a million times!


Now that you know the advantages of decorative glass for your interiors, choose wisely and go for nothing but the best. Lacquered glass and frosted glass are among the best decorative glass solutions. Along with opting for the best glass solution, also opt for the best service provider. The best service provider will ensure perfect installation of the glass solution, great maintenance and efficient after sales services.

Let your interiors shine and floor hearts away!


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