Awesome Modern Glass Designs for Your Kitchen and Living Area

A home is incomplete with décor and style statement. Different parts of residential spaces require different kind of décor and aesthetic solutions as per the requirement of the area. For example, bedroom thrives more on lacquered glass partitions as it requires a touch of positivity and elegance. At the same time, kitchen would be more specific for glass shelves and solutions that are long lasting and resistant to smoke and dust. The modern palatial bungalows and villas use stylish techniques for interior and exterior décor. While there are a number of solutions available to revamp your interiors, glass is something that proves convenient as an ideal décor solution.

Kitchen may remain an isolated part of the home, but that doesn’t mean that one cannot add style to this area. Kitchen space is filled with shelves and cabinets and leave the homeowner with a lot of scope to play with the design and décor. One such solution, known as lacquered glass comes with a range of colours and designs. Lacquered glass solution can be used as glass cabinet doors in kitchen. This gives a very colourful appearance to the overall look of the kitchen interiors.

Solutions for kitchen are not limited only to lacquered glass solutions. Coloured laminated glass solutions find their use in kitchen as they are strong and durable. A laminated glass is manufactured binding two or more flat or tinted glass solutions with a PVB interlayer. This lamination enhances the quality of the glass solution in terms of durability and strength. This strength proves very helpful when it comes to designer shelves that can endure heavy load and the weight of kitchen equipment. These high performing solutions are also resistant to dust, dirt and kitchen smoke and are long lasting.

Living room is the most important part of any residential space. Living room requires solutions that are elegant and luxurious. This is the space where guests come, visit and form an idea about the lifestyle of the home dweller. A touch of luxury and elegance with glass creates a long lasting impression among your visitors. These solutions not only add a luxurious appeal to your interiors but also bring a number of other qualities like security and acoustics. The versatility of glass solutions presents the homeowners with many options in glass.

Skylight windows are an innovative addition to the home interiors. Due to their stylish appeal the solution has become popular at residential spaces. Skylights open a window on the roof, bringing natural light from outside. Modern skylights are available in a number of colours and shapes that suit the requirement and the size of the roof. You have a freedom to choose from opaque or transparent skylight that can give you an experience of enjoying pleasant weather sitting inside your room. A skylight has the capability to take the aesthetic appearance of the home to a whole new level.

Modern glass door designs complement the residential space very well. There are a number of reasons why homeowners go with glass doors instead of metal. One of the most important reasons why glass doors are so popular at residential spaces is because apart from adding aesthetics, these solutions are also durable and resistant against theft and burglary. When a glass door is strong enough then why would someone compromise the beauty of the interiors with metal?

When it comes to adding superior level of décor and finesse to the overall appearance of living room, no solution does a better job than glass staircases. Multi-storey villas and bungalows use glass staircases to connect the two adjoining floors. The modern age has made the installation of a glass staircase a simple task. Staircases can be customized as per the requirement of the space and adds a brilliant finesse to the interiors. These solutions are manufactured using the specialized strong glass that do not tend to break under pressure.

Modern manufacturing techniques have improved the flexibility of glass as a solution. Modern glass solutions can be modified into a number of colours, shape and sizes. Mirror finds it place as one of the most important part of residential household. Aesthetic mirrors are durable, high performing and distortion free. These mirrors require less maintenance compared to ordinary mirrors. These decorative mirrors adds a premium and luxurious appeal to the living room interiors.

Glass solutions add grandeur and perfection to every part of residential space. These glass solutions act as an added advantage. They provide an edge over ordinary solutions and bring functional features to support an elegant and aesthetically superior living space.


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