Cut Electricity Costs with Stylish Decor Solutions for Your Residential Space

Residential dwellers have two issues as topmost priority in the mind. First, cutting electricity costs and second, the interior décor of the space. With increasing costs of décor and electricity, there is a requirement of the getting an easy solution to achieve both. When it comes to design and décor, you cannot find a solution better than glass.

Modern glass solutions have achieved a status that no interiors and exteriors are complete without a touch of glass. Modern manufacturing has also created glass that provides an easy solution to curb electricity bills. Solution like heat resistant glass is capable of cancelling out the excess heat from outside, making the temperature of the interiors. So, when you get an easy solution to add décor and cut electricity bills at your space then why go for multiple ones?

Heat resistant glass belongs to a special category of glass solutions called energy efficient glass. These solutions are ideal for skyscrapers and other high rise apartments. These solutions are capable of blocking the harmful ultra-violet rays of the sun. By doing so, this solution protects the interiors from its ill effects ultra violet rays. The clean, unpolluted light enters the space creating an alluring glowing look for the interiors.

The natural lighting brightens up your space and brings down the requirement of artificial lighting sources. Energy efficient glass solutions bring down more than 25% of the energy consumed in at homes and residential spaces. This number becomes even higher in premium bungalows and skyscrapers. The reason why these residential spaces heavily rely upon energy efficient glass solutions to cut down the huge electricity bills.

Another advantage of energy efficient glass is that it has temperature control feature. There are harmful pollutants in the air that that harm environment and cause dangerous diseases. These pollutants are found at large in modern urban spaces of metropolitan cities. Metro cities constantly suffer with issues of growing traffic, release of carbon monoxide from factories and temperature change.

Increase in temperature is a growing concern because we tend to spend a lot of time outside commuting for work and back. You require a safe and healthy environment for the interiors. Small children and old members of the family spend a majority of their time at homes. These members are more prone to getting exposed to the harmful radiation and catch the harmful effects of environment degradation.

Energy efficient glass solutions block the unwanted temperature and keep the interiors safe from its ill effects. Keeping the room’s temperature at desired level makes the interiors warm during summer. This curbs down the need for artificial cooling sources. You don’t require air conditioners and other artificial sources of temperature control. This cuts down electricity bills and helps saving a lot of money.

Among the solutions that cuts down the electricity costs is uPVC. uPVC is a contemporary and strong living glass solution now, as its applications have overpowered the way glass is utilized for building interior décor. uPVC reduces heat gain from outside. This reduces the usage of artificial cooling sources like air conditioners, coolers etc and cuts down electricity bills. uPVC solutions are as energy efficient as other solutions.

These solutions are engineered using high performance solar and thermal control glass products. uPVC also keeps the temperature of the interiors in control. The frames are capable of cutting down carbon emission and filtering the ultra violet rays. By doing so it only allows the natural & pure light in the interiors. This helps in sustaining the optimum room temperature and cutting down the electricity bills.

These solutions are very popular in metropolitan cities. Cities like Delhi and the nearby locations with premium locations have an effective demand of uPVC solutions. It is easy to find uPVC doors and windows in cities like Gurgaon & Noida.

uPVC windows and doors are long lasting and are aesthetically appealing. The doors and windows manufactured from uPVC are weather proof and its maintenance is very easy compared to other solutions. It is dust and water resistant and therefore doesn’t allow settling of dust or dirt on the surface. When it comes to aesthetics, it cuts down the cost for maintenance and cleaning.

Energy efficient solutions and uPVC is the requirement of the age. In the age of growing temperature and global warming it is important to switch to smart solutions.

Image Source: decoist


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