Achieve Security and Peace with Correct Glass Solutions and Hardware

Glass is not just a décor solution anymore. With modern manufacturing process a lot has changed in the status quo of glass. Today, the viability of glass solutions has changed from a décor material to an overall material for any kind of interiors. Let it be for a residential space or a commercial space, glass can change the overall appearance of the interiors in terms of looks and style. Modern glass solutions come with a number of features that can be installed according to the requirement of the space. Security glass solutions can make your interiors secure while soundproof glass solutions are capable on filtering unwanted noise and making the interiors peaceful at the same time.

With improvements in the latest and innovative manufacturing processes, glass now possess the capacity fulfil different requisites like acoustics, security and thermal resistance. Modern interiors security and acoustics without compromising with the overall decor. Lacquered and laminated glass solutions are 4-5 times more impact resistant than ordinary float or annealed glass. These solutions come in different colours and make the interiors look very bright and luxurious. The layers of lamination on glass It minimizes the risk of spontaneous breakage. This solutions breaks into minute granules upon impact, instead of sharp shards, ensuring safety.

The strength of laminated glass can be increased with further heating and improved to sustain features like strength, durability and resilience. The same lamination can also help achieve acoustic presence in the interiors. The innovative acoustic solutions can be installed in glass spider fittings and make the interiors look totally different than a generic door or a window.

An acoustic glass is manufactured using two or more glass panels laminated against each other with an adhesive. The adhesive interlayers acts as noise dampeners and filters unwanted noise from the external sources. With sound proof glass it is possible to filter around 30 decibels of noise while at the same time this can be enhanced further. With adding extra layers of lamination these solutions can efficiently block unwanted noise up to 45 decibels.

The strength of glass solutions also helps these solutions install in different interiors with different requirement. You can find a façade on the exteriors of the high corporate towers, there are elegant skylights in the residential and commercial spaces. These solutions are strong and durable because of the type of glass used in the installation is manufactured in a way where it is made sure that it doesn’t break off under any pressure or impact.

Why residential and commercial spaces require security and acoustic presence is for different reasons. Glass improves this requirement because it brings décor and style with the said qualities. Here are a few spaces where a glass solution can bring a lot of difference to the interiors.

Retail Space – A retail space requires style and premium décor to attract new customers and keep a brand value. With glass one can achieve modern décor while at the same time make the interiors secure. Installing acoustic glass solutions at a retail space gives the customer a nose free experience while concentrating their mind on the shopping itself.

Residential Space – Peace and security are important requirements of a residential space. After a tiring day, we all like to spend some time in peace. Old people and children don’t like to spend their time at home living in a space where noise from exteriors is effecting their health. Glass as a solution, brings décor to the interiors, adds a feel of luxury and at the same time protects the interiors against noise and burglary.

Hospitality Industry – Hospitality industry thrives on beauty and guests like to spend their time in luxury and peace. Glass adds beauty to the interiors of the guest rooms and lobby and protects the interiors against theft and burglary.

The purpose of glass solution is not only to provide security or noise reduction but also maintains its original aesthetic value that it has been known for. Glass enhances the beauty of the ambience and is available in various shades, designs, colours which can be modified according to the need and requirement of the space. These tiny details bring a huge difference to any space where glass is incorporated in the overall décor. Details like sound proof glass windows and doors that secures the interiors at the same time proves a lot useful than selecting individual solutions for a need at a time.


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