Ensure the Safety of Your Loved Ones with Correct Glass Solutions

In a nation like India, where the issues of safety and security are critical and essential for any interior set-up. Welfare and protection are of prime importance for any living space. When we speak about the security of any space, we refer to keeping it secure from outside elements as well as indoor factors. This makes it essential for your family members to feel as secure and safe as they would feel in their own homes. One way to make sure that their property delivers a theft-free environment is by installing toughened glass. There are types and modes of strong glass available today for beautifying and building décor. Out of the many present, toughened glass is one such type which is strong and coherent for various applications.

As modern interiors have cleverly adapted to rapid social changes with creative solutions, glass is one of the most striking interior design trends that shape up today’s home decor. For protection and well-being of homes, glass is now an excellent commodity to build and construct home décor. Out of all brilliant glass types available today, toughened glass works best for installing the décor essentials of hospitality sector. Toughened glass is the perfect choice as it is strong, resilient and break-prone. It provides the best and most appropriate technology for implementing modern style glass staircase. Toughened glass in Delhi and other nearby cities is now easily available and has seen great application and functionality.

Toughened and laminated safety glass helps in achieving the essential requirements of safety and security and ensure a risk-free environment. The reliable security solutions provide guest satisfaction, adequate safety and ensure utmost privacy. By installing toughened glass windows and doors, your loved ones can now enjoy a secure setting without being worried about risks. Also the unbreakable glass keeps the mirror intact at breakage which reduces the risk of getting hurt. This provides you with the dependability of leaving your valuables in your room and enjoying trips with loved and dear ones, because of the availability of the burglar resistant glass.

Toughened glass is physically and thermally stronger than regular glass. The greater contraction of the inner layer during manufacturing induces compressive stresses in the surface of the glass balanced by tensile stresses in the body of the glass. For home interiors, the raw material and commodity used must be immensely strong and resilient enough against external forces, as the entire establishment must always stand tall, strong and erect.  Toughening increases tensile strength, thermal shock resistance and safety of normal glass. It also increases its heat withstanding capacity. Because of these properties, toughened glass is preferred in applications where strength, safety and thermal resistance are significant. Toughened glass doors and windows serve the best purposes for rendering safe and protected interiors.

With technology moving from strength to strength, glass surprisingly, has become the perfect way to build homes, offices and other secure interior spaces. As toughened glass windows and doors are the way to go, this can glass can be further enhanced using modern day techniques and provide following results-

  • Solar control feature can be introduced for energy efficiency and optimum day lighting.
  • Enables improved visible light transmission with increased energy efficiency.
  • Allows optimum light to pass through windows/facade while absorbing and reflecting away a large degree of the near range Infrared heat.
  • Solar control Low-E double glazed solution that combines energy efficiency, aesthetics and eco-sensitivity.
  • Developed using modern Low-E coating, which ensures better thermal insulation and light transmission.
  • Helps attain better energy ratings while delivering economic and environmental benefits by providing solar and thermal insulation.
  • Eliminates the need for grills and shutters.
  • It gives you the ability to see more without compromising on safety.
  • Combines durability with advanced heat-reflective technology.
  • Superior solar control and UV protection.
  • Advanced solar control for comfortable interiors with durable coating on glass that ensures long-lasting performance.

Glass is now implementing most interior solutions and is proficient in delivering best results. These are some of the excellent ways in which toughened glass can be enhanced to give energy efficient solutions and alter your interiors with architectural and technological excellence. These solutions bring superlative look for interiors according to the requirements and preferences.


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