Beautify your Walls and Interiors with Glass

Technology has led to the rise of several innovations in the field of architecture, decor and design. With the advent of this advanced technology, it has opened doors of possibilities to manufacture glass structures such as doors, windows, facades, and many others. This modern high-performance glass achieves numerous benefits with its applications in interiors. With the expertise in the manufacture of glass moving from strength to strength, there are now various types of glass solutions which can enhance and beautify interiors. One example can be taken as lacquered glass which is widely used nowadays, for various interior construct and designs.

As modern interiors have intricately adapted to rapid trends and changes with creative solutions, glass is one of the most spectacular interior design solution that shape up today’s home decor. For protection and well-being of homes, glass is now an excellent commodity to build and construct home décor.

Glass has the ability to transform interiors with grace and panache. With more and more advances, people have started replacing their current furniture with innovative materials such as ceramic, aluminum, marble, etc. Nowadays, everyone is looking for stylish and up-to-date interiors to make their homes aesthetically appealing. One of the best ways to do so is by revamping your space with elegant materials like decorative glass. Such glass can be used for many applications within your interiors such as doors, windows, flooring, ceiling, kitchen cabinets, shelves, table tops, stairways, wardrobes, etc.

Lacquered glass comes with many advantages, some of them are mentioned below

  • Lacquered glass comes with a modern day design. The design is well suited for modern day interiors that require a luxurious look and appeal.
  • Lacquered glass convey a bright and colourful appearance for walls and partitions. This is made possible because the solution is available in a number of colours and designs. This property brightens up the interiors and brings life inside.
  • Lacquered glass doesn’t shatters into pieces on impact. This is one of the reasons why this glass is chosen as a safety glass as well.
  • It is resistant to humidity and can withstand temperature change.

The aesthetics of an environment is a pivotal aspect as it helps to create a feeling of peace and ease to those coming, going, and residing within the area. Modern manufacturing techniques have produced glass as a solution that is viable for home interiors. There are a number of glass solutions available for residential space. One can choose décor solutions ranging from stacked, etched, printed and lacquered glass designed especially for home interiors. Such decorative glass offers endless possibilities in terms of both design and functionality, across exterior and interior applications. People must consider glass for revamping interiors due to the following reasons; design makes your home comfortable, your space will reflect your personality and tell people who you are and well-designed spaces enable easy movement.

Lacquered glass in Delhi and other nearby cities is now easily available and has seen great versatility and functionality. Lacquered glass is used for the interiors to give homes a fresh and innovative look. As this glass is oven cured through a superior process, it has an opaque appearance. For providing aesthetic solutions, lacquered glass is the best resort. It can elevate the interiors with brightness and clarity and maintain the same with sustenance. With color and light effects, lacquered glass helps convey a bright and creative appearance for walls and furniture. Enhanced by the glass, the color brightens up interiors and animates the surroundings with reflections and brilliance.

Lacquered glass is majorly used for walls, partitions , kitchen panels etc. It has the following advanced features-

  • Can withstand temperatures up to 80 degree
  • Can be cut, drilled, ground and edge finished
  • Eliminates up to 99% of UV radiation
  • Helps attain better energy ratings while delivering economic and environmental benefits by providing solar and thermal insulation.
  • Customized as per the requirements of space and customer’s requirement
  • Extremely durable and distortion free
  • Appeal and style makes it perfect for functions and corporate signage

Glass nowadays is one of the most innovative, modern and sought-after home furnishing/décor solutions. It was introduced as a brighter way to construct and mold house interiors, so as to provide an attractive and pristine artistry within. Lacquered glass and its solutions is one of the customized home décor solutions can alter your interiors with grace and elegance. These solutions bring unmatched quality for your interiors according to your requirements and preferences.


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